Desire of your Trust


Time and people might have changed but my love for you could never change. Yes, I still love you a lot. More than anyone could ever dare to love you. By every moment I realize I had wanted to be more of with you, by your side. When I hug you and pass a smile to you, you may fail to find that I still can predict your problems just by looking into your eyes… I still wish to stand near you when no one is there for you. Dear I know you never shared with me but I expect you do at least today when you badly need someone. Trust me and give me the right to protect you from any harm. Don’t stop yourself from gaining what you deserve; just one word for permission of yours will allow me to fight for your life. I assure you to give your share of happiness to you. I know you are not letting me do that for you think I may hurt you more. Wish you knew I can hurt myself but not you. Not considering me yours, you don’t want me to know anything and had decided to sacrifice for someone. I can’t simply stay quiet and tolerate that you live a life which is nothing just an adjustment. You know I can give you the best of it.  I never would like to lose you but I won’t mind only with a satisfaction that you have got someone there.

 In spite of being familiar with everything how can you expect I will support you in parting away from your true love? Forgive me, I’ll prefer being a bad person and would accept any punishment however tough it may be. But I can’t see myself being a silent part of your problems and pain, when I know I can heal them. Now, just I desire you trust me and realize that when your eyes cry the hurt is felt within me. 


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