The charm of letter writing

 “To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart” – Phyllis Theroux

I don’t know how many of you have ever written a letter to your loved ones. Instead I wonder most of you must be thinking why the hell such kind of topic has arrived in so-called-tech world where we got huge social networking sites to interact with each other. Well, I agree to your point of view that nowadays rarely anyone gets time or rather I should say makes out time from their schedule to pen down their feelings and thoughts on a piece of paper. Forget about further sending those letters. In today’s phase everyone is busy competing with each other to achieve their goals and target. In this fast moving life we have left far behind those lil small things which could bring happiness to us. One of such is letter writing for it has its own charm.

For a single second if you keep aside all those views and just imagine that suddenly out of nowhere you receive a door bell which is attended by someone from your family and then they comes to you to handle an envelope saying “here’s a personal letter for you” I’m sure the blush out of anxiety on your face and the hesitation in your response is not to be found when you receive an email. And then to add up there’s an excitement to read it hiding from everyone around. Those few words leave an imprint on your mind forever. You hold it as you would never wish to separate it from you. You hug it! Yes, hugging to feel the warmth of words is a feeling beyond every emotion. Now, that’s impossible to do with an inbox within your rectangular shape machine, which we call computer. We might even hug it but only to find how much we have burnt our battery since morning.

A letter signifies that the person values you a lot as he steals out some special time to express himself. It’s even considered a very good alternative of telephones. As sometimes even the word said on telephonic conversation doesn’t seem so satisfying unless the respondent is so patient to hear you’re every word nicely. Through a letter you give the receiver an option to clearly read every word and then react upon. Then the best part it remains forever until you don’t choose to crush and throw it away.

No doubt letter consumes your time but don’t forget it binds you and the person for whom it is, in a different bonding through those few words full of emotions. So, not giving much attention to this only disadvantage of time factor, make sure you write it for your loved ones for it’s the best way to let them know how much you love.


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