Happy HOLI!

Wish you all a very happy and colourful holi!

“Festivals” The word alone can make me go crazy about the day.I had always loved to celebrate each and every festival. Specially, Holi is among my favorite for its totally fun filled. Those who don’t know about this festival so it’s one of the festivals celebrated with colors and water in India. Reason being I really don’t know. I never even cared to know about it. For I believe festivals are to have fun, for togetherness, for forgiving the bad… So simply enjoy it instead of going to search out the reason behind it. Does it really matters? I don’t think so until asked in any exam.



Well, from past few years I haven’t been celebrating much of this occasion for no one around to play with but it always reminds me of my past school days. That fun with classmates; Bringing of color packets in bags instead of strictly being told not to and hiding them in the teacher’s desk, opening of water bottles at the end of class and throwing water on each other, As soon as the teachers tries to leave running back to color them. Further all the girls’ plans to hide from boys who were waiting eagerly to apply color with their hands on those beautiful cheeks but yet are caught. It even reminds me of one instant when I and my friends went running from our school to the nearest living friend’s home. We quickly took out the color packets from our bags as we reached, without waiting for anyone we started to apply the colour on each ones faces until we turn into scary looking creatures. Next we had brought the buckets outside and started making each other wet that too in the balcony itself not giving much attention to what everyone around must be thinking. We were busy having fun screaming on the top of our voices… I am sure the passerby must have known how it is to be mad.

And then once when I had gone to my cousins house, where I had non-stopped played with water till we shivered to the extreme level. We colored each other with the darkest colour. We pulled each other hitting with water balloons. Every time I turned to fill my water gun more water was poured on me from the boys standing on the terrace of our neighbor house. Ultimately we stopped in evening when we really felt so exhausted that we weren’t in condition to pick anymore buckets.

Even the after affects of this festival is also worth watching. Your mother scolds you to look so horrible. She forces you to apply so many of face packs and oils on your hairs. Our maids cursing us to make the area so dirty for she had to rub it with some more efforts. Teachers not letting you to enter in classrooms until you look human beings again. Even today when I recall those moments it brings a sweet smile on my lips. Hope it do the same to you.

Keep rocking and smiling!


Isha 🙂


5 thoughts on “Happy HOLI!

  1. It’s true that to enjoy, one need not know the reason…just be in the flow! But the joy even doubles when the reason is known. Because if we know the reason, we understand our limits as humans.
    Ignorance and little notoriety should be always allowed…otherwise life can’t be so colourful, but we should not forget our purpose….to spread LOVE..! And if your actions brings joy only to you, it has no worth…! Well, forgetting all the flaws, let’s just move on…as MOVING is living!!
    Happy Holi 😀


  2. Lol ishu really Holi is the best festival 🙂 It added more value and fun, coz you celebrate holi with people you know and also with unknown people.. whose ever stay around you are part of it and nobody feel bad.. I still remeber going out on holiday is kind of challenge if you wana go without being caught… Lol people will not let you..and boys on bikes.. they celebrate it like insane..

    Btw My fav. is to throwing colored water balloon on people without let them know who did it..:P


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