A Surprise

Today when I woke up I was really not in mood of writing any stuff for my blog. In fact if you had noticed I haven’t written from past few days. Yet two things inspired me to do so… The first was when I opened my account to find mails showing the comments and liking on my blog posts by one of among my favourite blog writer, I felt so boozed up. (Must check it out hope you too like it http://gagangupt16.wordpress.com/). All of sudden I got an urge to write something. But I didn’t knew what should I write, as my creepy condition at the moment wasn’t allowing me to think of anything except of the time when I had to take my prescriptions. Sadly I haven’t being doing well nowadays and that’s a very good excuse to be lazy enough.  Just when I was thinking of some good topic I happen to read a status update by someone.  I wondered what exactly it meant and after few minutes I realised it was true what I had in my mind. Yippee!

Well, I am sure you must be anxious to know what made me so excited. Isn’t it? So, not confusing you any more let me clearly explain what had happened that forced me to come up with this post.

On the very first day of the month of March, which is said to be a very colourful month for it brings up a festival like Holi (If you haven’t read my post of holi special here it is https://paradisevslife.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/happy-holi/)

Something funny took place with me which further brought a different colour to my life.

At 12:03 pm while I was busy chatting with my friends, all of a sudden I got a mail from a stranger straight away asking about my blog, which seemed to me odd. It was but obvious for me to build up many questions in my mind of how did he come up with this? From where did he got my mail id? And in around half an hour I got all my answers in a short yet eloquent conversation with that stranger. Usually I don’t prefer talking with any unknown person but I couldn’t ignore up someone so sweet. Yes, he was very kind and polite in the way he expressed himself. I too couldn’t be rude and didn’t mind to interact. By the time we ended up sharing our thoughts about how we come up with those blogs of ours, we had actually bonded a friendly relation. In just few hours I had got another friend in my life. A friend who was different from others for, He was new yet I found comfortable with him. He was unknown from my problems still he helped me. I didn’t shared much yet he guessed correct a lot about me. He wasn’t much close but I managed to express nicely. The understanding and trust factors came up so quickly. Unlike before I didn’t felt that special intuition kind. It seemed like it was nothing so unexpected. Maybe it was destined but was made to happen co-incidentally. And I realized another co-incidentally destined thing came up in my life which made me meet him.

Today the status update I read was of none other than him which made me guess that it’s his birthday and truly it is.

My dear new yet old friend it’s been just around one and a half month we’ve officially known each other. And In this period you have made me feel special so many times and been so grateful to bring up a sweet smile on my face. So, let me have this pleasure to give a little love in return through this surprising post of mine just for you. When you said you don’t like formalities, I understood you only admire feeling true from heart. Here it is a short yet with best of my feelings expressing my gratitude towards you. I hope I managed to make up your day and cope up for not being there to wish you from past 21 years of yours.

It’s wonderful to know someone like you who believe in helping others and spread happiness. I feel great to hear from you whenever we talk. Your blog too always have made me go crazy to think how such a young guy can confer about such mature and deep thinking. You truly are an amazing personality. And on this special occasion of your birthday, I am happy to wish you personally. God bless you forever!

(I am sharing this blog of his so that you too admire being a part of his purely magnificent life http://varungenius.wordpress.com/)



Isha  🙂


3 thoughts on “A Surprise

  1. Hey Isha! It was really a great surprize for me. That’s really so sweet of you to write a post dedicated to me on this special occassion. You made my day…..made it really special. Your admiring words touched my heart….! That’s true I didn’t expect a post from you, because of your poor health….but you really surprized me with such an amazing birthday gift.
    I always believe in loyal relations and friendship for me is something very special and should be loyal. Freindship becomes strong from both sides…..and it’s so nice to have a friend like you! It’s been just few months….but does that matter?? I always try to be transparent, I guess that’s why I maintain good friendship…..because I don’t believe in hiding anything…! What’s in the heart, just bring it out…!
    Friends like you are the ones who inspire me high….! I know you believe in ‘no thanks in friendhhip’, but today….I would like to thank you straight from my heart……for your so wonderful words….! GOD bless you…. 🙂


    • Anything for my friends buddy. I’m glad i could contribute a little in making your moment special. 😀
      and yes, its my honor to have a nice friend like you.. True! Time really don’t matter 😉
      Take care and enjoy wholly! 🙂


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