Those old songs…

How do you really feel when you suddenly catch a sight of an old cassette or CD which was supposed to be your favourite once?

Well, I don’t know how would anyone react but I literally DANCED.

Yes! Few days back I found the songs, the ones I used to listen for hours during my school days. They weren’t something so unique but yes they surely took me back to my golden days. And once again I danced to those mix pop and raps.  Seriously for few moments I even forgot that I was sad related to some matter. I didn’t care that someone may notice me dance like a fool. I didn’t mind hearing any voice though I was being called up for many works to be done. I just danced and went on dancing until I felt breathless 😉

Maybe that’s why everyone says… music simply rocks! Isn’t it?


So keep rocking and smiling!


Isha 🙂



4 thoughts on “Those old songs…

  1. yes this happens when we all of sudden,hear a old song,after long time,we travel down memory lane and remember things,sometimes good,sometimes bad.Good for you,it was the former. One should enjoy and have fun within themselves,without care others.


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