Let Life Surprise You

Say it my habit or anything, on year-end I can’t help penning down my feelings. Yeah sometimes expressing those feelings in words is a tough task, especially now, when I am not having anymore the habit to express much.  I am not sure enough if my words would express them to the best or not.

2016 has been a year for me, which was unbelievably surprising….

A person gets surprised when he or she isn’t expecting something to happen. In my case, I knew everything that was supposed to happen. Life did give me chance to plan every situation. But still when your own plans surprises you in a much unexpected manner, you tend to realize how strange life can be.

I presumed I was prepared. My assumptions were so wrong.

My own planned life changed me and I wasn’t me anymore. And when I lost myself, I turned up to become a new me. There was no time to care if the world would like the new girl in me. I just changed. And I knew my life affected me in its strange way. Still I tend to admire that strangely.

The year surely made me realize both the extremely worst and amazingly beautiful side of relationships. They might complicate me, but still they complete me.

“I admit I am weak for you, but you are my strength” I said to myself as we walked on a path that was different for both of us. We both walked together but separately.

I sighed. I can’t stop our life from playing its role. I won’t stop you ever to live your life. But I’ll love you for those moments when you played your best role in my life. And I will love you a lot for those moments, hoping my love lasts forever in your life.

I saw you stood there, waiting for me. I knew I could say so much, I could hug you tight to not let you go. But I noticed my reflection in your eyes. I couldn’t move or utter anything. I kept looking at you.

My love, my lips when smiled with you, it was the best ever. Even as we bid byes, your eyes said they adored my smile.

Life, yes you made me realize, it too can surprise me. Bad or good, surprises are always affecting.

“I hate you. I regret meeting you.” Your temporarily last words hit me hard.

If I happen to shed tears for you, they were the most.

I never wanted us to end, I never wanted this journey of planned surprises to end, and I never wanted this year to come to an end. But I can’t, and I won’t stop anyone or anything. I would await new surprises, because I am falling in love with your way to surprise me. Life!



Never leave to live alone

I miss you; she left the text message on his number. Smilingly yet sadly she continued to fix her bed. It was 9:30 pm, quite early for her to doze off but the chilled weather outside made her feel sick and the darkness made her realize her tiredness, after a long heck day. Even she couldn’t miss her flight the next day; she had to wake up on time.
She slipped into her blanket and switched on one of her favorite song on loop. As she started to sink into music and felt soothing, her phone rang. She turned to see his picture flashing on her mobile’s screen.
She was amazed, as it was rare for him calling at this hour. She swiped the green button on her touch screen to hear the voice; she had been urging to listen.
“Left to the main mall street is the entrance to your street, right?” His questioning voice appeared.
“Yeah… But why are you asking so?” she questioned back confusingly.
“For you are missing me and I am here to meet you.” He stated deeply in his hoarse voice.
She was shocked, would be an understatement. She hadn’t expected him to come over her house to meet her.
“But you were out of town, isn’t?” she said thoughtful.
Before she could get any response, the door bell rang. Her heart alarmed her.
“Open the door” he answered.
She mechanically ran towards the entrance.
“Hi” he spoke with a wide smile on his lips.
She couldn’t utter a word.
“Oh, you were all set to sleep already it seems.” He mentioned as he saw her standing looking surprised, wearing her night top and pyjamas.
“Hmm…” She couldn’t manage to speak, feeling out of words in confused state of mind.
He looked direct into her eyes. They were staring back.
Pretty! His mind spoke in his thoughts, as he admired her.
She stood silent for few minutes, only until she realized he was there, in real.
“But you were out of town?” she repeated her question.
“Yeah, but something urgent came up so I was way back” he softly spoke not breaking the eye contact.
“Can I get a glass of water?” he asked. She nodded.
I missed you too, she heard him as she turned. He walked to face her front.
“I… I simply said that teasingly, didn’t really meant that.” She mocked with her cutest smile.
She moved forward only to be pulled back by him.
“I won’t let you go”
She glanced at him.
“But you know I had to leave” she replied back.
“Why is it so necessary?” His brows widened, as waited for a response.
“For we are not supposed to walk together on the path of our lives, we both have different dreams, Arun.” Her voice went low.
He moved a little closer to her.
“Why can’t we choose one similar path?” He demanded.
“Only if you had loved me” She broke the glance.
“I do, you know that.” He remarked.
“I never knew that” she smiled artificial.
“You know it now” he stated. “I love you!”
She looked up to gaze at him.
“But…” she hesitated.
“But you want to leave me right?” he said plainly, his tone harsher.
She felt him hurt.
“I need to bring a glass of water for you.” she stepped aside to walk off.
“You still want to go?” he enquired.
“Love doesn’t bind us. I want you to walk on your dreamt path. I want you to reach heights, those heights from which I have fallen off. I can’t walk along. I am injured.” She explained uncertain and tearful, her voice difficult.
His hand rose to touch her cheeks delicately.
“My dreams can’t be lived without you. And I won’t let anything harm you.”
He took hold of her face in his palms. She opened her mouth to utter words, but his finger stopped her lips mid way, for he didn’t want to hear those words.
“I want to love you enough to heal your injuries.”
A tear dropped from her eyes to fell on his skin.
“Why you want to love me so much? She enquired.
He shrugged adorably. Her lips curved to smile.
They both went silent. He waited to know her decision- a final one.
“I love you too, since forever!” her eyes had a glint of happiness.
A smile slipped onto his lips. But before blush could creep over her cheeks, he pulled her into arms, hugging her tightly.
“I would never let you go.” He vowed.
“I am always there, I needn’t leave.” She said assuring in her confirmed tone. They both went silent again.
“Can I…” he paused.
Her body stiffened.
“Can I get a glass of water?” he said mischievously.
“No! I don’t want leave your arms.” She spoke abruptly. They both laughed.


Isha 🙂

Expect the unexpected…

Life sometimes gives a feeling of belongingness, while other times it seems stranger to us. We shouldn’t expect anything from it, people who fall weak and feel betrayed says.

I believe they should have better thought, we can expect a lot from our life, as life is full of surprises. In a way we should be ready for unexpected things to happen. And my belief is not for sake of words, I learnt it from my experiences.

It’s when I felt now I shouldn’t hope and stop expecting, life shows me a hope. It’s when I felt everything is on track, I lose my track. Full of ups or downs, it’s always unexpected.

But isn’t that what makes life exciting? It always leaves you astonished. It never stops amazing you. If it’s bad at times, it’s equally good to us many times. Life is totally depending on us, if we live cherishing those sweet memories, or mourn for tearful memories. It’s what we value more, our pains we got or those smiles we have with us.

Tough to remain optimistic as we aren’t great, people say. Well, certainly no one is born great. We can just try to search for greatness hidden in us, by looking for positivity, instead of following easy path of negativity.

Because similar to life, we humans are also much unexpected. So, don’t stop to expect. But expect the unexpected in us and in our lives.