Birthday 2015

I missed this place so much past few days. Ofcourse the reason was; I had so much going around but no time to express. But isn’t life worth it when you are busy and still know you are missed, As you have someone waiting to share that life with.

Well, leaving all those things aside I want to tell about my 2015 Birthday.

It’s the day every birthday girl/boy waits for longingly. It’s totally your day and even your loved ones treat you special. But my loved ones, they do not treat me special, instead make me feel special. They say the day is special for a special person is born. I adore them a lot.

I really want to dedicate this year Birthday post of mine to those lovely special people in my life, who make me feel special.

I am an ordinary girl. Simple and little things are what I adore, though I end up making things complicated for others. In spite of creating fussy things, I am glad and thankful, for I have got best people in life. They simply don’t complain.

I know I am too talkative and I am way too much annoying. I even act crazy and moody many times. I am stubborn and stay confused most of the times. I am not there as supportive as you all have been. Yet you pour on me so much love.

With growing years, I know I have done innumerable mistakes and some big faults too. My silly habits haven’t changed. You scold me, but even forgive me.

The care you have given me all through has indeed helped me become what I am today. It wasn’t easy for me to act strong without your support.

The girl, who used to wish to hide thinking of talking to any stranger, has made many strangers her buddies today. Before interacting to teachers or seniors used to be a nightmare and now I laughingly converse with them. Road crossing, travelling in buses was a big no; but I admire when I now help others on roads. Many such big and small aspects in me have turned correct.

There are times, when I am alone and I am independently tackling things, the courage to handle it was not possible without the presence of yours in my life.

I know I still have so much to improve but the confidence, the maturity to learn & grow up to become better person I have gained, it was impossible if it was just me alone on my path. Thanks for understanding me, making me understand people and giving me the support I needed in the right way, which does suits me. Most of all for never leaving me or letting me leave us.

All those tears you have wiped, that helpful guidance, those tight hugs, those lovely kisses and big smiles; Everything you gave me, all together have been a wonderful memory. These memories are beyond any expensive gift. I may forget things I did, but I can’t forget what you did to me. For you changed my life to the extent I started loving it exclusively. And I know I am in love with you, and the life you gave me.

Generally the word “you” talks about a single individual. But here certainly I am referring to all of you-  My lovingly parents,  my supportive teachers, my adorable friends, my mentor, my awesome few close and best pals, my things that hold a sweet place in my life, my cute teddies, my love and undoubtedly my amazing sister.

This year on my birthday I decided to do nothing grand but make a wish and in that wish, I wished to spread that love. The love, in which you made me fall in love with.

BTW today it’s another special day, a birthday of one my sweet friend. I want to share, I call him prince charming and hopefully he adores the same. Dear, I hope you loved your gift, as the government made it a national holiday on your birthday. Teehee!

It’s a day to feel safe around, for it’s the day when we Indians got our Independence. So safely and happily enjoy your Independence. Celebrate being born and brought up to be an independent person. 🙂



Unplanned yet we planned!

Never thought my day today would be such an awesome…

Every time I meet you, I feel blessed, for every time you make me feel special by your mere presence and along you, even the moments feel extraordinarily special.

Nothing was different; it was same you and me, in the similar usual manner I waited for you and just like before you surprised me by your arrival. Even today I turned to find you standing there teasingly smiling at me, apart from the fact you had more luggage today. I wished to help you, but it was heavier than I expected them to be. I admit that you are strong.

Like always I found myself confused in deciding where should I take you and felt sad for I had to stick to the nearby restaurant, as I am unaware of my own city. I accept I am not very much like Delhi girls. Maybe I don’t admire roaming around, for that would be much of my alone trip, which is a bad option and boring too.

Well, my motive was to fill up ‘your’ stomach as I knew you must be tired and hungry but seems like you twisted it a bit, filling up ‘my’ stomach more than usual. Sadly, I felt over eaten today and still have to finish my lunch, prepared by my sister just for me. Ah, I really should learn to say no or maybe you should stop looking cute, while pleading me to do anything. I melt easily at your words.

Our silly talks, our laughs, our exploring the people around, our sharing of sweet lil things, our teasing attitude towards each other- everything we did together, after we left for our different destination, I miss them all.

The last few minutes of our meet, they were surely different in this encounter of ours, for I found myself more of upset I knew I had to leave, unknown of the fact when I would be meeting you again. I don’t know why but I seriously felt I could give you tight hug and let you know, you are my best friend. We meet or not, we talk or not, you would always remain in my mind and heart. It would be more appropriate to say, you would always mean life to me, for my life is certainly incomplete without you.

But above of all, I am glad we managed to meet another time, even in our odd schedules. Just want to end up saying I truly adore you, for forever being what you are- a lovely, caring, understanding and trustworthy person.

Father’s Day Special

A girl like me couldn’t get the best, more than you as a father- Dad!

A mother is someone who bears endless pains, stays sleepless for nights, forgets her hunger, sacrifices her happiness and this all is done, just to gain a single smile on the face of her child.  Moreover this smile tends to turn into laughter if that mother is supported by her life partner.

Dear Dad, I had always appreciated you for you are such a lovable hubby to my mom. There is no doubt in the fact, no one had loved her more than you. She means to you the only true love of your life and for this love lady of yours, you had even agreed to be a wonderful father to us.

Nurturing a 2 years old naughty daughter when her mother is at work is something which is not a cup of tea for every man. But you did it for you managed your work along & had always tried best am not left alone unknown of the not-so-expressed fact by me that, I hate lonelineliness. Likewise you had always stood by my side whenever you felt it’s required.

Our perceptions never match yet I admire the way we tease each other, fight on silly discussions which never ends up on any conclusions. Instead you start sharing your life experiences and I listen them admiring totally. You’d never mind my non-stop stupid questions. Rather you used to answer them politely.

The way you had cared for me, I am sure none could have done. Being the most careless and irresponsible, I had been such a dependent kid of the family. But you had totally pampered me accepting my nature. However I had been scolded too many times by you but still I am glad you had understood my immature nature and forgiven me.

With you in my life, I never felt I ever need a brother because you’d always played that role too. When you show the possessiveness for me, I really can’t resist cuddling you though I rarely do that.

Everyone says daughters are very close to their mothers. But I say don’t forget that they are even darling to their fathers. So for me you both, mom and dad, together complete my existence.  And Dad, howsoever you may mean to the world but to me you’re beyond what I deserve.

You simply rock and I really love you loads 🙂