I took a decision, a little to surprise you all and a lot more to surprise myself. It feels somewhat weird to tell but I am writing this as my last blog post.

As I am telling this, I can’t help recalling my first one and followed up many. That even reminds me of my friend comparing his numbers with mine. And every time he said that, Sorry but I laughed at your cute reaction. Honestly numbers don’t count. They never did. And I am big fan of your writing, you sure know that.

Well, I am certainly not here for a big farewell boring bid-bye post. But yes I would like to thanks for making me smile and encouraging me every time by giving those reviews and suggestions. I am even glad to have found some really sweet readers on my blog, one of them turned out to be pretty nice friend too. This guy is himself a blogger. (You can check his great blog -> )

And not to forget; each one of you who has been reading my posts, taking out your little time, it truly meant a lot.

I began this journey with no hope really and probably I am leaving the journey mid way with really no hope of coming back. But I’d like to clear that my decision is not out of depression struck situation. Life has been pretty awesome to me always. Yes I have problems like everyone else. But my bonding with my problems are little weird and kind a silly. I guess mine loves me so much that it never leaves me but also makes sure to never hate me. It simply is my all time go-along-forever kind companion. We both can’t live without each other.

I personally believe blogging is about expressing yourself by your words. You convey your thoughts, your ideas, your imagination and anything or maybe everything through words.  It’s like your words is forming your own identity. They describe you in their own way. Writing helps you connect with others and more of it with your own self. And blogging is one of the best experiences I ever had. It gave me a platform where I can speak and be heard and grow.

I am leaving because for me it’s no more about words. Sadly I realise my words don’t connect anymore. Or rather I should say the more I try to express, the more of it creates distance. Before it further creates a different identity of mine, I want to accept that silence is what I need.

“Yours words should be your best friend but not a forced burdened relationship.”

I and my words don’t share the same bonding now. It has become like a complicated marriage and probably would take a long time to recreate those old beautiful ‘us’ feeling. Might be I am playing the selfish one by taking this decision of being apart. Hopelessly, I had no other choice.

So not much more left to say I just want to end this by saying few words unsaid…

(Small pause for those who shall miss me :P)

Whatever and however I have been, I am glad I was there. I am glad you welcomed me and it happened. Probably you’ll not remember me as a blogger. But I will never forget my readers and their love. My existence was from you all. Today if I am leaving, it’s because something shouldn’t stay once it has lost its real meaning.

But yeah, you all amazing bloggers out there- Keep blogging and rocking. I am still there as your active reader. Even I am waiting for two of my sweethearts to start their blogs soon. I can’t wait to read yours too. And my dear cute friend you get a chance to increase your numbers now. LOL!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂



It’s just not a book

As I finished reading the book, I held in my hands, I knew I was emotionally struck. One reason, it was a real life tale. Seriously it would have been easier if it was just a fiction.

“Can love happen twice?” it’s a sequel to Ravinder’s first book- I too had a love story.

I am certainly not here to give a review, as reviews are meant for fictional books, telling if the author did write up a great story or not. But giving remarks to real story won’t be right. I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing my emotions.

I won’t empathize saying that life has been cruel to him. I won’t judge the girl, for she has her aspirations. I won’t question god for being unfair to a true lover.

Simply I make no judgment and no sympathy. As a reader, I ought not to.

I read his words, as for he wanted to share his life as an author.

His first book had left me tearful and like every reader of his, I too had wished he gets his Khushi back in his life.

He did found his love back again but he deserved; his Khushi, His happiness, His share of love. As that is all he had always wanted, expected from his life.

It takes a lot of strength to narrate your story. You have that in strength in you. And we all know, you can strongly move on, with this strength in you.

I would love to appreciate his friends, who had always remained the best part of his life. Someone for whom, he could be assured of.

It’s just a little post to tell all of them, who are reading this post of mine, if you haven’t ever read or never felt connected to a love story, you must read his. I am sure you’ll connect with him easily.

But yeah, if you are so busy living a life full of negativity, you should not pick this one. For you might end up losing faith in love. Although, the true fact is it’s the love that supports you to overcome and heal up every injury. That love could be in any form. Love of your parents, love of your friends, love from your reader as your fans, love in its true form- which you find in your partner or your love in faith of god’s existence.

So, stay positive. Take out some time, do read it, and feel the love. And admit love is painful yet the best thing that happens in our life, which cease to remain in us forever as a memorable moment.



Trouble has a new name

It’s said, you should take good amount of rest when you are not doing well. I had been sick since few days. Actually I should be saying from weeks. My body had been following up a silly pattern of getting sick, and then responding good to the treatment, and when I get back in action to work, it falls sick again. It made me fed up and felt sick mentally too.

I can resist the physical pain, but when it comes to emotional and mental stress, it leaves me feeling all more weak. I couldn’t really afford to fall weak at present situation. I needed to be strong.

26th January, the day is celebrated as republic day in India. It’s a national holiday. When everyone had plans to hang-out with friends or family, I had chosen to dedicate this day solely to myself.

I woke up to decide this day I won’t be connecting with anyone. No messages. No calls. No work. Not that talking with someone would increase the pain, but it wouldn’t diminish too. I knew it was a better way out, to get back my own strength. I needed to relax. It has to be simply just me!

Obviously, I couldn’t go out alone anywhere. So I had to find out a way that would give a break to my usual series of thoughts. They were stressing me. I needed a good distraction.

Trouble has a new name; the title belongs to a novel.

Few months back, I had randomly picked this book in a shop. At that moment, I had longed to buy it for no reason or might be there was some reason, but unknown to me. I didn’t care to open and read it then. Yesterday I withdrew the book from my bedside drawer.

The book in my hand, and as I touched the texture and flipped through its pages, I instantly knew the reason behind purchasing it.

I put on my earphones, lying back comfortably in my bed; I started to read the beautiful love story written by Adite Banerjee.

It was first time I read one of her books, and knew it would be the one book I’d finish in one single day. Maybe or maybe not, it was the music or the words, but I got engrossed deeply into it, imaging the story in my imaginations as I went through.

Surely it was quite among those filmy kinds yet I liked it. The story was neither moving fast on nor on slows. No twist. No violence. No adventure. It was perfectly narrated the way it should have been. It was a simple serene, where one could feel the romance in flow as you move on along. The emotions were displayed fantastically and set right on track.

Rayna and Neel, both the characters were portrayed amazingly. The chemistry they shared was perfect in its own way. It was like, since beginning, they were meant to be of each other. And as they together made their own not-so-real-story, understanding their love for each other, they made my day perfect. By the end of day, as I finished reading, in their search for peace of mind, I found mine too… and not to forget, as I said before, happy endings are always satisfying.

If you are not someone like me- A total filmy type; it maybe or maybe not, adore you the way it did to me, for I am certainly crazy as a reader/watcher, of such sweet romantic love stories. They bring a magnificent happy feeling to me.


Isha 🙂