The Date!

Some days occur in our life, only to bring a change. A big one!

It had to happen; we said we were prepared. Just when the reality struck us, we knew those said words felt mere words. It was easier when put in words but hard to accept while making it happen….

Oh, yeah we finally found your man, my lovely sister. My heart overflowed with emotions when I was standing next to my parents, watching them shed tears of happiness. The boy’s parents were congratulating them over phone. I quickly came to hug you tight, not letting you go, at least for the moment.

I knew I had explained myself hundredth times that I had to let you go to live your own life. I readily accepted the fact too. But while performing every task, in every action, at every steps, for every work; I realised my life would be empty without you. Yet I was happiest for I had already got more than my share from you. We have together lived so many years, sharing wonderful moments and also you had nurtured me helping me grow up responsible. I now can live my complete life strongly, memorizing us forever.

Instantly, I recognized, it was time for change.

I stepped back allowing the new family of yours, to stand next to you. I didn’t walk away but stood at front, glancing in your eyes. I wanted to watch you happily believe the change, while understanding I am still there for you, like always. I had to admit, you looked pretty with that glorious shine on your face, the slight glint in your eyes and the perfect beautiful smile.

I heard the loud voices, breaking my gaze, and I saw everyone exchange hugs happily. Your Roka ceremony date was decided. I embraced myself in arms of Papa, while he gently placed his hand on my head. It caressed me and I surpassed my supposed weak moment with a smile strongly.

Your Soon-to-be Partner, gestured me to join along, pointing towards you. I noticed you both together as I smiled. I even had to admit, in him, I gladly found the lovable and sweet Jiju I was searching. I grasped in the fact, on a sweet note that he valued you and our bonding too. I thanked to all those stars, blessings, love; each one has poured into my life. They have made my life astonishingly perfect.

14th February, The date was perfect for beginning of new start of a new life of yours. I delightfully engaged myself in preparations.

I acknowledged it was time for making that change happen. I wanted to live the change and make it splendidly magnificent for us.

And whilst living the change, I knew I even wanted to make it inseparable. I could not resist sharing.

Today, I typed it. Tomorrow or in future, I know you’ll sure read it with that lovely smile of yours.  


Incomplete without you….


Why did you have to go away from me?

Don’t you know you are the one I need so much into my life… it’s not just tough but like living dead without you. The only moment you talk I feel a little life entering into my veins and helping my heart to circulate blood. I know you would never want us to be apart by any distance but destiny made you do so and indeed you promised me to be always there. Yet it sometimes feel sad to realize you are not near me. The physical touch doesn’t matter but it surely gives an assurance. It recharges my body to carry on and fight any problems.

Yeah, all above of these tough times there is one thing I admire when you say “I am just a message away”. It had made me smile endlessly. In fact I won’t deny from saying your existence has always made me feel blessed.

Thanks for immense love you had showered in me and for keeping up your promise.

We will together cross the limits and distances to be there for each other, proving ourselves as the best of partners. No, a friend is a short word to describe our bonding. Aren’t we meant to be a perfect twin?

For as they say, blood don’t matter it’s the relation we share that makes it stronger. Whatever and however life maybe, my survival is likely to be with you and I admit this fact without any doubt.