Vinisha- your name has mine!

Sometimes it’s not something common that brings two people together and become friends. But it’s their willingness to be different and yet form up a bonding, trying to understand each other.

I am talking about one of such coolest friend of mine, who doesn’t match my nature but with whom I sure can be carefree for being whatever I wish to be, knowing she won’t mind my craziness.

Oh, we do have something similar and that’s our name. Vinisha, your name includes mine too and guess that was one big reason we clicked LOL.

Well whatever the reason might have been but I am glad we did become friends.

I don’t properly remember how we had started to interact. If I look back I can only recall the moments we together teased each other, hang-out together, ate together, fought for paying the bill first, playing those games in games court, and all silly things we did. We never had long chats online; still there was this strange feeling to feel comfortable at meeting you in spite of not knowing much about you. Surprisingly we always had a connection; may it be our first interaction, first chat, first call or the first meeting. I felt quite casual as if I’ve known you since long. When you are around I had always been at my comfort level, simply no formalities. It was probably my attachment with you, which never let me feel awkward in doing anything with you by my side. I could have not barged in anyone else room like that, or asked to accompany me to silly game court. Even I was sure you won’t mind walking along on sunny days on empty roads and talk non-stop. It’s these things, these feelings which make my bonding wonderful with you.

We might not have been the best of buddies but surely best among those we have bonded as friends, without beholding any complaints or expectations. We know we don’t keep much in touch yet understand if needed we’ll be there.

Dear, I want to tell you, you are a pretty girl with a lovely heart and amazing as a person.

I accept I don’t meet you much often these days, I am sorry for that, but I want to let you know the moments spent with you I will forever cherish them as a beautiful memory.

Last year I somehow managed to steal out time from our schedule and give you your birthday present. Forgive me for not being able to come up with any special present this year. Hoping you shall understand as always, and wishing you a very happy birthday Vini. This little post is a little way to express my gratitude to let you know you are among those people in my life, who hold a part of it. Stay the way you are, rocking forever!

Happy Birthday once again! 😀