Missing him

As her hands pressed harder against the glass of large window, she kept watching the empty roads on a Sunday morning. It was 4:00 am and her sleep driven eyes weren’t blinking a bit. She couldn’t sleep the complete night. His thoughts didn’t let her. He was missing since the whole day.

She turned supporting her back on the adjacent wall, and her eyes fell on those neatly kept white sheets and pillows on bed. Her tired muscles urged for rest.

She walked slowly to reach there. Mid way her mind dejected to relax and she picked her phone kept on table beside the bed. Her fingers quickly dialed his number again.

His number was unreachable throughout night, every time she tried calling him. But this time it did ring a bell.

Her heart beat increased with every ring. The call ended unanswered, leaving her in dismay.

Before her mind, it was her heart to react. Her tears rolled down on her pale cheeks and she went down on her knees. She curled up her body sitting next to her bed on floor.

In her silent room, she could only hear her sobs. They were loud enough for her fearful state of mind.

Her hands reached her bed sheets and she pulled them closer to her skin, trying to hide her face into them. Her sobs were still loud to be heard.

Before her heart, it was her mind to take up the decision. She dozed off.

“Naina” His voice whispered her name possessively. Her lips reflexively curved to smile a bit.

Her eyes shifted to gaze into his and his eyes stared her beautiful smile.

Breaking their stance, he pulled her up to stand still.

“What?” she asked while faking her anger.

“Good morning!” He replied as he took her into his arms. She smiled a little more. He kept adorning her smile yet again.

They lay down on bed together. They pulled each other closer.

Her anger disappeared. His smile appeared.

Her body leaned more into him and she could hear him inhale softly.

She rubbed her nose on his neck as he hugged her tighter. His fingers moved into her hairs.

Her lips kissed his throat and she could hear him exhale deep.

She repeated her moves and his breathing turned harder. She blushed a bit.

She trailed down to his chest and felt his hand trace up on the sides of her stomach. She blushed more.

She closed her eyes and kissed him. He smirked and tickled her. They both laughed.

“Where were you?” She questioned trying to resist his laugh.

He remained quiet. She opened her eyes and looked up.

Her eyes scanned the silent wall, the empty bed and lonely room.

“Were you missing me?” she recalled his counter question. “Why would I miss you?” And she remembered her respond.

She rubbed her hand against the smooth silk sheets of bed.

“I don’t miss you. I miss your touch. “She had added teasingly. He had laughed more.

Her eyes shed tears and she hugged herself more. She heard herself crying a lot more.

“Still missing my touch!?” she heard a clear voice.

She turned swiftly to the direction of voice. It was his voice. He stood there.

Her eyes knew it was him. Her heart took few seconds to believe.

She still cried as he came closer and pulled her into hug, a tight one.

“I missed you!” she exclaimed.

He rubbed his hand on her back and her sobs trying to settle down in his warmth.

Her phone buzzed and mechanically she picked to keep it aside.

Her arms hugged her pillow tightly. “I missed you so much.” She said louder.

The screen displayed his number and the call was missed before she could read his name.

Its your tears or my pain?

You had always brought a smile to me. With you in my life I don’t need to find any reason to be happy, for your presence itself is a reason to my happiness.

It’s said we can’t shine someone else’s life if we sitting in the dark.

I had never feared darkness but to see you lost in the hollow of dark life is hurtful. Moreover, to realise I can’t do anything to stop you walk away, is a deep regret in itself.

Burn yourself so that the flames reach him, to bring him back into the lightmy mind thought.

My heart stopped me amidst- killing yourself never enlightens anyone else’s life.

I recalled his words.

Helplessly, I buried my face into my arms, resting on my knees. I wept sitting in the same position until I found my mind got again occupied by his level of pain.

“How foolish of me, instead of wiping off his tears, I am here shedding mine” I reluctantly tried to control my sobs.

When you smile, mine gets doubled but when it pains you, I feel more hurt than you- my mind gave a reason.

But when he isn’t smiling I should bring that back and when it’s paining him I should heal that one- My heart spoke.


Crazy for you!

Crazy for you


The heartbeat, it plays a song; when ears hear your voice.

The Air seems more soothing; when you pass by.

The breathing takes a hold; when I feel your touch.

The wind it dances loud; when you take a jump.

The lights feels brightened up; when you share a smile.

The eyes shine with happiness; when you hold the moment.

Everything, everyone doesn’t count; when you are around.

I wonder, do you feel the same;

Or is it me sounding crazy?

But then my mind speaks out;

Maybe it’s me getting crazy about you, for you. 


Isha 🙂