Thank you

End of any story doesn’t mean the story doesn’t continue. The characters and their stories have no ends. They just get to become the last word on the last page of a book or last scene of a movie. The narrator just stops narrating. Might be the story further isn’t that meaningful, I suppose.

Same has happened to me when my words and I had divorced each other. We together had a great journey and beautiful story of ours. It was among the best moments of my life.

I am not here back again to recall past or to begin a new story of us. I am here because whatever however it ended, yet it was special. Words don’t connect with me now but for once they felt great to be mine.

And if it wasn’t you dear, I wouldn’t have landed up here to create this platform with my words. I wouldn’t had have this story, or given shape to my expression into something called meaningful words.

You know right I am talking about you. Back in time, Rupinder my friend you were the one to push me for starting my own blog after so many failed attempts of mine. I remember how happy I was to blog my first post.

Well, it’s your birthday tomorrow and this year I wanted to give you a piece of surprise and now don’t be surprised that I remember the date. You know the reason- Now being your tiny financial advisor I can at least remember this much. Haha!

After so much of thinking what to really gift you, I thought few expressive words could be the best to send my wishes and make your day nicer. I do know, you like simple things and nothing else could have been great as this gift for you.

I stopped blogging, but I owe you for this place. Or might be we (my words too) both owe you.

Although I am the one talkative still all these years you have been the one to express more. I am not so great at words like you. But here’s a try.

I really don’t know what much to say but yes big thanks for being the friend you are, always.

I realise have not been so good with you, many times. Been rude, secretive, ignorant, hiding things, selfish, dishonest, careless and so much else. But surprisingly you still amaze me by still considering me worth a friend.

I admit I am bad or I should say I don’t like showing the good side.  Honestly, I can go against any bad for the people in my life. But I don’t easily let everyone to hold on me to be there for me probably because that takes a lot of strength to allow someone to take care of you. I am weak when it comes to emotional bonding. And also, I know it’s painful to be that helping or protecting guard. I can’t just go on and be that pain to everyone. It‘s hard to break that wall simply. Probably I can’t help being like that.

I assume my loved ones will understand my not-said-words. Because words they play funny. They can clear misunderstandings but they can even create big ones. And I am certainly bad when it comes to words.

You are one among those with whom I have not been the best. But yes just know when I say I count you on for forever, I mean it. I don’t believe in namesake friendship. I believe in being a friend even if I am pretend to be a mean person. It’s silly but that’s me.

More of it, it takes a lot to express all this now but today it is your day and it has to be perfect. I don’t want to spoil it.

Thanks for bearing me and of course for remembering every details. Yes I don’t remember dates. But I do remember our bond of friendship and how it has grown up with passing years as we moved on to different stages from your college life to home to workplace.

Yeah I am much more stupid than you think I am. So with this stupid note of mine, just want to say- you are much stronger than you think.

A very Happiest Birthday!



It’s your day

“Only I can wish you first!” I had exclaimed as I pulled her buzzing phone, ignoring her friend’s call. I loved holding that right on you, Didi.

In the past 24 years of our togetherness it was all about just you and me. Today on your 30th birthday, we aren’t together for the first time. I just could not be there. But I know there are others who shall shower so much love and blessings on you and make your day simply wonderful.

I admit if I had ever been so possessive about anyone, it was always you. My life was all about you and someone like me could not have deserve much. I found the best in you. Thank you for being what you were and are to me.

Now you are in your new journey of life, where you have found a lovable husband and a caring family. Surely, I am the happiest to acknowledge that your life is not anymore revolving just around me but it’s much more about you.

“Near, far wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on….”

That’s a line from the song you loved hearing whenever I sang. Our bond is as special as this song.

And special things in life are not bind by anything.

So, No more keeping phone on hold or snatching them. Yes, it doesn’t matter anymore that I wish you first or last. I just want to be one of that reasons among many to bring precious smile on your lips.

This Birthday pamper yourself with many sweets, chocolates, surprise gifts and a lot much because soon you’ll have to do the pampering. Certainly, no gift can match that sweet lil’ bundle of joy. And I can’t thank you enough for bringing in my life such a beautiful one, just like you, who shall be my adorable love.

I might have told you almost every time but still I want to let you know once again, I love you. I love you much more than anyone else. No distance, no reason, or any other relation can make any difference. You will always remain the best sister. Happiest Birthday Didi!

Yours forever,

Ishu ❤

My Perfect Date!

Lights Camera Action….!!!

No, I am not going to begin to narrate any movie out here. I am simply telling the name of the restaurant where I had enjoyed my perfect date.

I call it perfect for it was not the usual kind; it was special, it was a family dinner date.

When my mother had asked me to plan something unique for daddy’s birthday, the first thing that clicked my mind was my father has always loved family time and I wanted to gift him that.

Booking a candle light dinner with family was the idea of my gift to him and a perfect date to me. 😀

Talking about the dinner date, reminds me of the funniest thing we younger ones in the family did throughout the time. We had laughed at that crazy menu card which was total Bolly-wood style. My favorite of them was “praan jaye par paneer na jaye!”   And to top on that my choice of juice was served in a silly test tube shaped huge glass. It all felt to be a dedication to our most-of-the-time filmy family.

Although genuinely the food was good and thanks to our attendant, Hira lal, he had served us really nice. I personally would never forget him, because he is the one, I am supposed to give the credit for making our evening all more perfect by his non-stop service without any complaints.

I admit we were crazy customers in the restaurants to the night. Somehow we had controlled our laughter when we realized our cheeks were aching. And not to forget, I made sure to capture every moment in my camera from the cake cutting to eatables till we gave different poses; sweet and funny too.

His shining eyes and wide smile said it all. My father loved the idea and we enjoyed it to the best. ❤ ❤