It’s your day

“Only I can wish you first!” I had exclaimed as I pulled her buzzing phone, ignoring her friend’s call. I loved holding that right on you, Didi.

In the past 24 years of our togetherness it was all about just you and me. Today on your 30th birthday, we aren’t together for the first time. I just could not be there. But I know there are others who shall shower so much love and blessings on you and make your day simply wonderful.

I admit if I had ever been so possessive about anyone, it was always you. My life was all about you and someone like me could not have deserve much. I found the best in you. Thank you for being what you were and are to me.

Now you are in your new journey of life, where you have found a lovable husband and a caring family. Surely, I am the happiest to acknowledge that your life is not anymore revolving just around me but it’s much more about you.

“Near, far wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on….”

That’s a line from the song you loved hearing whenever I sang. Our bond is as special as this song.

And special things in life are not bind by anything.

So, No more keeping phone on hold or snatching them. Yes, it doesn’t matter anymore that I wish you first or last. I just want to be one of that reasons among many to bring precious smile on your lips.

This Birthday pamper yourself with many sweets, chocolates, surprise gifts and a lot much because soon you’ll have to do the pampering. Certainly, no gift can match that sweet lil’ bundle of joy. And I can’t thank you enough for bringing in my life such a beautiful one, just like you, who shall be my adorable love.

I might have told you almost every time but still I want to let you know once again, I love you. I love you much more than anyone else. No distance, no reason, or any other relation can make any difference. You will always remain the best sister. Happiest Birthday Didi!

Yours forever,

Ishu ❤


Her friend


Recently there is been a lot of things going on in my life but nothing much fascinating to be shared over here. It’s the usual mess which keeps us engaged in our lives. But for a change I thought to write something, with the thought maybe it could at least keep up the hope, that I would never end my habit of writing.


The boy had randomly one day crossed her path. She went unnoticed.  They crossed each other path the same way for long time and it continued to remain unnoticed on her part until the day boy had stopped before her to smile politely and she couldn’t help but notice him. That gesture had brought a twinkle in her eyes and she smiled back.

Few days later, he sat next to her, though the silence remained to exist. Their eyes had shared that sweet little glint of happiness. In next another few days the girl was seen laughing out loudly at one of his talks, as he narrated one of his fun stories.

“You are amazing story teller” she spoke to him. She found a new joy in his presence.

The girl felt with passing time, she could trust him.

“Are you sure? He fake a lot, he himself said it” she recollected in her thoughts. But somewhere down in her heart she knew the guy won’t harm her in any way.  She didn’t know when, how and why he started to become a part of her daily routine.

She felt delighted when he proved her belief on him right by standing out there; to help her in little things, to protect her, to make her smile.

“Will you be my friend?” she questioned him and her lips curved totally at his statement in response.

“Ofcourse we are friends!” her eyes shined listening his words. She was glad she had him as his new friend.

They shook hands and the bonding grew up as the time went on. But they were not aware of passing time, as they were busy sharing lots of talks, playing pranks together, many smiles and cries.

“Oh! That was ultimate fun.” He spoke aloud laughing uncontrollably. She looked at him and wished their sweet friendship continues to remain wonderful.

Then someday he spelled out her fear, he wanted to move on and go far away. She never realised it would hurt her so much.

They didn’t bid bye as he never gave any chance.

She knew she would miss him. But amazingly, she didn’t know he would miss her the same way she did.

“Come’ on I mean it, I do miss you dear.” She smiled feeling relieved as she read those words, he had texted her.

Again he had brought a smile to her, similar to the very first one. Another time they shook hands but this time it was different… She still had him with her though distance far from her place, her life.



I’m here today to share few words, which I titled ‘poem’ for I couldn’t come up with anything else. Though it’s certainly not like any rhythmic poem. But sometimes we just don’t find anything fit to match with our words, our emotions.

I wrote it, as my hand went on with the flow, to express my inner words into these short lines.

I wish I could connect them through it.


Time flew by as days passed,

It’s taking away all emotions.

I found you near me,

Yet you lost somewhere.


My hands they urged to touch you,

To feel your presence;

Yes, I could hold you;

But I found you stranger.


You were the one;

Who taught strength,

Who preached forgiveness,

Who valued relations.

The one that stood in front of me,

Is surely not whom I ever known.


Distance brings changes, I heard it.

Thou I realised it closely now.

You formed habits so different.


My eyes they weep seeing you again.

I cherished having you back in life,

Solemnly my heart ached,

As I wish to go back in time.