His weird Her

Life is weird sometimes and that’s a reason why two people sometimes bond up weirdly in their lives….!!!

He being the Mr. Perfect knew very well what’s right and with his smartness of his intense brain he could decipher that he should take a right turn on the path he has to walk upon.

She had always been a silly girl. The left turn led to a wrong path, a path which was a longer route to reach the destination. It was also full of sharp stones and hidden mud pits. But she listened to her heart and decided to walk on the left side.

He and She, both of them were not opposite but totally different from each other.

He was very clear about his thoughtful decisions would give him good returns and she was confused about her thoughts but ready to take risk. It was all about risk and return.

They were exclusive in their own way to accept challenges and were naturally confident too. Their decisions made them what they are… which meant, they are never going to be together.

 They knew it on their diverse paths they won’t collide to each other.

They knew as well that they weren’t supposed to be meeting on any point.

But he also recognizes, she is strong yet fearful and she needs him. So, he stood to support her by walking along to the left side of path.

But she also realizes, he don’t express that everything he does meant her happiness. So she believed in him to walk on his chosen right side of path.

Unknowingly, they ended up walking together every time they had to choose crossed paths.

 Because they shared something called weird. That weird thing was sure not destiny.

 It was her for being extremely weird kind of one. And it was all her weirdness, he could not stay normal.

Sometimes it’s not life, but us as we make our lives weird by holding on to such weird bonding!



A Farewell to you…


Sometimes someone enters into your life in such an exotic manner that thereby, they become a need to your survival. Such is the case with me after having her in my life.

“Karishma” The word means miracle and truly she did a magic to me.

Around 8 years back when we met, you had many options but you had chosen me. I still consider myself lucky to have you when I had nobody. The alone girl to whom everyone rejected or cheated, you supported her by showering love on her. You allowed me to reform my trust and give my best to a new relation, which we had just bonded.

After losing someone when you get a similar face, the person brings back the charm in your life. Same way you played the exact role of my lost birth partner. The thought of your being around me means breathe to my dead soul. Your innocent smile and talks has always been a pain reliever to me. They gave me strength to protect you from any harm so as I never lose the shine of your happiness in my life.

Maybe that’s the reason even my destiny is jealous for giving me the best, that’s you. She tried endless time to snatch you away but silly had forgotten, it could apart us but not makes us separate. For now I won’t let it happen. Even today, another time we are being tested for you are asked to go, leaving me alone.  It seems like my soul won’t rest in peace and would keep waiting for you like forever…

With that every step of yours, which is making us apart;

With that every second of clock, which is killing the time;

With that each mile crossed by you, which is bring distance to us;

I feel I am losing my real self, my existence.

I met you with a smile on my face, but don’t consider that happiness. It’s a regard in return to your care and love on me. It’s a farewell wish, to spread that smile in your life.

My words don’t mean anything without you dear. I might have not said to you but my heart always cried to utter “Please don’t go!” Yet I won’t stop you for your better future. You too have a life which got a greater right on you, more than me.

So here I am ending with on this sweet note “Love is not just for lovers, friends share deeper bonding the definition of love”. Don’t ever miss me and if you do, you’ve got my diary of memories.

Let’s once again sing along the poem I wrote for you.


Yours only Mirchi

You mean to me My Darly

True intuitions never go wrong; you proved it right by proving my intuition for you is right when I choose you.

Anish Desai” The name echoed in my mind as my friend spoke it narrating how this person betrayed him. This friend of mine rarely shares something with me and when he was doing I was left perplexed. I wasn’t able to decide as to what I should say further. We had left the conversation half way for some reason and days passed in confused state of mind for me.

I moved to flashback when I met this guy co-incidentally, whose name I just get to know. I had always known him by his online tag name as a professional. Whenever we had interacted he had been so calm, polite and made sure to help me. He even welcomed all my advises in a very warm manner. At times he had even been so friendly and we indeed shared silly talks of the world around.

My mind wanted to accept it but my heart was forcing me to not just go on words. I had never gone on just said words and I couldn’t even let my friend judge a person only on an incomplete matter. He said he was sure yet I felt something is unsure.  “My friend never lies to me!” I fought back. “Maybe he is misunderstood” I got the response. The misunderstanding fact was striking me hard repeatedly.

Obviously I didn’t know the guy but I wanted to know him. In fact after hearing this I had an urge to know more of him, maybe completely as a human. One reason I wanted to explore the real thing and secondly to test once again my heart intuitions.

I wondered how I could trust a person whom I don’t even know and not trust the words said by my friend.  “Why?” The question was forcing me to think of Anish every moment. Yes, it was anish who had occupied my mind though he didn’t play any role in my life.  There were endless people saying against him. I couldn’t let it go casually for I wasn’t able to digest that people is stating him wrong. Strange isn’t it?

Well this is what happens, I suppose, when life plays its co-incidentally destined factor and it had once again buzzed up it for me.

Not caring what anyone else think about him I wanted to hear from him. No one would in this world would land up saying “yes, I cheated! Yes, I am cruel enough to harm people for my benefit” yet silly me asked Anish, to know what he had to say about it.

His each and every word was allowing me to trust him. And why shouldn’t I trust him? He could have even fooled me but he didn’t. Whenever we had interacted I had always received positive vibes from him. I decided to let him enter my world, my life as a friend. I knew it was going to be tough to find everyone hating the guy, whom I wanted to be-friend. Probably it could lead to lose anyone of my old ones. People might consider me selfish but somewhere deep into corner of my heart I knew those who trust me, who know me truly would even understand me.

My decision was indeed tough, the time proved this as days passed on. I had quarrels, continuing to big fights. Sometimes they went subtle but I faced all of them. “Why?” The question was still not answered. I didn’t know for what reason I was doing so much for an unknown guy. I just knew there were even people who admired him.

Ultimately it was high time for testing my patience. Life knew it was time for letting me began to know my answers, the reason behind people’s hatred for him. It was too unexpected for I found myself trapped in the same circle of fake people. I felt dumbstruck. I fought with each one of them, alone for me and my loved ones self-respect. Apparently my realization and my feelings didn’t break their cruelty. My friend who had trusted me all through this in spite of the fact he was aware of my stupidity, supported me. Totally disheartened, I should have felt guilty for not considering those words true yet my heart forced me to hear that single person who led me into this. Yes, it was again Anish from whom I was expecting to give all my answers.

“Either choose me or your friend” He said in simple words but I wanted to reassure myself I heard them correct. The “why?” thing stroke my mind another time. Why I was being a fool to let it happen to me and that too for this guy who is asking me to choose between my relations? Not believing my ears I just asked him to clarify why he is being what I expected him not to be. Finally there comes my most awaited answer, which was hidden behind every word from so far.  It was nothing but a Big Misunderstanding!

I couldn’t wait for any longer and brought these two people, my friend and Anish, to sort out all the matters. I feared they won’t even bear to talk with each other forget about sorting any damn thing for each one had grudges against other. But they weren’t even letting me to enter into their conversations. The only thing I could do is to pray to God, for making sure thing goes in right track. It was God who showed me the path and now I wanted him to show the same to both of them.

Once again strange isn’t it? So, this is how the destiny factor goes on. It makes you do every unpredictable thing. Further happened what has to happen. Peace! I was glad for things went normal. The discrepancies were cleared out. Here started a new beginning of my already bonded friendship. And today it’s Birthday of that same guy, Anish. And it’s been around 3 years I’ve known him until now.

In these past years, I’ve known you, I am so happy that we met and ended up becoming friends. I was right then and even now. You are truly a gem to hold in one’s life. The real charm of a precious thing is never known so easily but once it’s done, it is treasured forever. I am proud to be a part of your life. You not only proved my decision right but even bonded a stronger belief for my God. If ever I’ve known someone so dedicated and purely loving to creature of this world, it’s you. Thanks for every time you make me feel more connected to him.  As our friendship grew you made sure to maintain the understanding and trust. Knowing you as the busiest person ever, still you had always been there for hearing me, for helping me, for guiding me, for scolding me whenever needed. Due to hectic schedule of our lives we haven’t been able to be so much in touch. Yet I always find you delightful to share those lil short sweet moments, unlike others who consider relations as burden and social life as a hindrance in their career. I know I would cherish the time we have spent all through our life and that’s one reason I call you my Darly (short for darling).

Dear wish you a very Happy Birthday. God bless you always. Keep rocking and smiling for you are simply great. I promise I would always be there for you just like you had been for me.