It’s your day

“Only I can wish you first!” I had exclaimed as I pulled her buzzing phone, ignoring her friend’s call. I loved holding that right on you, Didi.

In the past 24 years of our togetherness it was all about just you and me. Today on your 30th birthday, we aren’t together for the first time. I just could not be there. But I know there are others who shall shower so much love and blessings on you and make your day simply wonderful.

I admit if I had ever been so possessive about anyone, it was always you. My life was all about you and someone like me could not have deserve much. I found the best in you. Thank you for being what you were and are to me.

Now you are in your new journey of life, where you have found a lovable husband and a caring family. Surely, I am the happiest to acknowledge that your life is not anymore revolving just around me but it’s much more about you.

“Near, far wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on….”

That’s a line from the song you loved hearing whenever I sang. Our bond is as special as this song.

And special things in life are not bind by anything.

So, No more keeping phone on hold or snatching them. Yes, it doesn’t matter anymore that I wish you first or last. I just want to be one of that reasons among many to bring precious smile on your lips.

This Birthday pamper yourself with many sweets, chocolates, surprise gifts and a lot much because soon you’ll have to do the pampering. Certainly, no gift can match that sweet lil’ bundle of joy. And I can’t thank you enough for bringing in my life such a beautiful one, just like you, who shall be my adorable love.

I might have told you almost every time but still I want to let you know once again, I love you. I love you much more than anyone else. No distance, no reason, or any other relation can make any difference. You will always remain the best sister. Happiest Birthday Didi!

Yours forever,

Ishu ❤



Seventh of July, is a special day coz it belongs to two of my dear ones. Rather I should put up ‘dearest’ instead of just dear. For now I’d like to only mention about you, Mami. I am sure my crazy brother sharing the same date of birthday would be lazy enough to read this one. HAHA!

The day came up many times in past years but I never said this that you are lovingly beautiful part of my life. Yes, the need to express was felt today and I could not wait anymore after you had been so supportive throughout didi’s marriage. And yeah even because I realize sometimes we miss the chance. So, it’s better put in words.

You mean family to me, but the way sometimes you understand me without being said anything, it really amazes me. I share a bond with you not coz you are a relative to me, but I feel I can be my real self with you.

Mami you are an amazing aunt. Your calm and strong personality describes you the best. I have grown up being equally pampered by you and mama. Your care and guidance means a lot.

I adore you more every time when you do lil things and take care of me like a mother does. I adore you more each time when you share details with me like you do with your sweet daughter. I adore you more at all those times when you had asked me to stay back.

You truly hold a wonderful heart and you are indeed among my pretty ladies. Of course, above of all this, you are a great mother. Thank you so much for giving me my lil cousins. They are two sweethearts of my life.

Not to forget, you are an awesome English teacher. Maybe that inspired me more to write this one for you.

Wish you a very Happiest Birthday. Keep smiling!

His weird Her

Life is weird sometimes and that’s a reason why two people sometimes bond up weirdly in their lives….!!!

He being the Mr. Perfect knew very well what’s right and with his smartness of his intense brain he could decipher that he should take a right turn on the path he has to walk upon.

She had always been a silly girl. The left turn led to a wrong path, a path which was a longer route to reach the destination. It was also full of sharp stones and hidden mud pits. But she listened to her heart and decided to walk on the left side.

He and She, both of them were not opposite but totally different from each other.

He was very clear about his thoughtful decisions would give him good returns and she was confused about her thoughts but ready to take risk. It was all about risk and return.

They were exclusive in their own way to accept challenges and were naturally confident too. Their decisions made them what they are… which meant, they are never going to be together.

 They knew it on their diverse paths they won’t collide to each other.

They knew as well that they weren’t supposed to be meeting on any point.

But he also recognizes, she is strong yet fearful and she needs him. So, he stood to support her by walking along to the left side of path.

But she also realizes, he don’t express that everything he does meant her happiness. So she believed in him to walk on his chosen right side of path.

Unknowingly, they ended up walking together every time they had to choose crossed paths.

 Because they shared something called weird. That weird thing was sure not destiny.

 It was her for being extremely weird kind of one. And it was all her weirdness, he could not stay normal.

Sometimes it’s not life, but us as we make our lives weird by holding on to such weird bonding!