I took a decision, a little to surprise you all and a lot more to surprise myself. It feels somewhat weird to tell but I am writing this as my last blog post.

As I am telling this, I can’t help recalling my first one and followed up many. That even reminds me of my friend comparing his numbers with mine. And every time he said that, Sorry but I laughed at your cute reaction. Honestly numbers don’t count. They never did. And I am big fan of your writing, you sure know that.

Well, I am certainly not here for a big farewell boring bid-bye post. But yes I would like to thanks for making me smile and encouraging me every time by giving those reviews and suggestions. I am even glad to have found some really sweet readers on my blog, one of them turned out to be pretty nice friend too. This guy is himself a blogger. (You can check his great blog -> )

And not to forget; each one of you who has been reading my posts, taking out your little time, it truly meant a lot.

I began this journey with no hope really and probably I am leaving the journey mid way with really no hope of coming back. But I’d like to clear that my decision is not out of depression struck situation. Life has been pretty awesome to me always. Yes I have problems like everyone else. But my bonding with my problems are little weird and kind a silly. I guess mine loves me so much that it never leaves me but also makes sure to never hate me. It simply is my all time go-along-forever kind companion. We both can’t live without each other.

I personally believe blogging is about expressing yourself by your words. You convey your thoughts, your ideas, your imagination and anything or maybe everything through words.  It’s like your words is forming your own identity. They describe you in their own way. Writing helps you connect with others and more of it with your own self. And blogging is one of the best experiences I ever had. It gave me a platform where I can speak and be heard and grow.

I am leaving because for me it’s no more about words. Sadly I realise my words don’t connect anymore. Or rather I should say the more I try to express, the more of it creates distance. Before it further creates a different identity of mine, I want to accept that silence is what I need.

“Yours words should be your best friend but not a forced burdened relationship.”

I and my words don’t share the same bonding now. It has become like a complicated marriage and probably would take a long time to recreate those old beautiful ‘us’ feeling. Might be I am playing the selfish one by taking this decision of being apart. Hopelessly, I had no other choice.

So not much more left to say I just want to end this by saying few words unsaid…

(Small pause for those who shall miss me :P)

Whatever and however I have been, I am glad I was there. I am glad you welcomed me and it happened. Probably you’ll not remember me as a blogger. But I will never forget my readers and their love. My existence was from you all. Today if I am leaving, it’s because something shouldn’t stay once it has lost its real meaning.

But yeah, you all amazing bloggers out there- Keep blogging and rocking. I am still there as your active reader. Even I am waiting for two of my sweethearts to start their blogs soon. I can’t wait to read yours too. And my dear cute friend you get a chance to increase your numbers now. LOL!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


2012 in review

Okay, It was a great feeling reading this as soon I opened my inbox. I am sure the bloggers would understand the feel behind it.

Well, thanks wordpress for bringing up a smile to me…

Here’s it, if you too wanna read. 😀

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

1 year to Blogging

On a perfect day and in a perfect rainy weather I’m so glad to announce that today it’s been one year to my blog. YAY! Happy birthday my sweetheart. Well, I had loved spending time here with you as you let me interact with my readers and allow me to share my words.

Until i started it was unimaginable for me to even think of something like this. I never ever thought I would be having a blog of my own. Even now If i look back at those old posts of mine i simply laugh wondering I could make it happen in real. Its more than i could expect from a lazy bum like me. For the girl who thinks twice before eating, truly if my stomach would have never felt hungry I wouldn’t have put any efforts of chewing & gulping the food down my throat. LOL!

Sorry if i am bit over excited, but it’s quite obvious. So don’t mind it really. Coming back to my one whole year of blogging; Throughout the period i had shared lots of mix emotions by way of my posts. Some were sad and some cheerful. Few of them were full of romance and few heartbreaking. They included various experiences of mine and a little of my poetry. However, in each one of them I’d always made sure i could convey my best of feelings to you. Wish i succeeded in doing so.

Being a great blogger was never my aim. Paradisevslife is simply a way to express my imaginative thoughts and my inner deep feelings. Having wonderful readers like you, is my pleasure. I have always admired your helpful feedbacks and lovely responses. It’s you who had been my inspiration since beginning. Otherwise it was completely impossible for me to carry on. Thanks for encouraging me every time and for your co-operation especially with my grammatical mistakes. Err… i know I’m bad at them. But yet you had accepted me and very sweetly became a part of my blog. I wish i could connect with you through it and hope we maintain this pleasant bonding forever.

Keep reading and rocking!

Lots of love with regards,

Isha 🙂