Her beautiful Flame

The alarm rang and the girl woke up. She slowly opened her eyes and her brown eyes scanned the room. She moved a little to the side of bed, stretching her arms while her legs curled up inside the blanket. It was another random morning, when the girl felt happy to begin a new day. The girl sat straight resting her back on the pillow. She yawned a little, her fingers covering her O shape mouth. As her hands moved up to fix her hair while her eyes stopped at the calendar hanging on the front wall. She kept gazing and then rubbed her eyes.

The calendar said its mere few more days left from now. And it laughed. A child like, she threw her cushion on the wall making the calendar swing a little. Though it didn’t stop, it was still laughing. She felt irritated and she stood up thumping her foot hard on the floor. Watching the girl restless, her friend who had just entered the room, asked her concern. On stating the reason, he too laughed. The girl felt sad, all more sad. She reluctantly ignored him, and removed the calendar from its place. She abruptly tore it into pieces but still the voice was echoing from every different piece. She searched up for a place to chuck out them. Frustrated she could not find any. She went to other corner of room continuing her search and saw another him. She even complaint him feeling helpless, trying to settle down her anxiety.  He too had the same reaction- The same laughter. She glanced at him hard disappointed.

The noises were becoming louder and louder as the three of them kept on laughing. The girl ran away to find a dark room. She quickly went inside and sat down on floor hugging her knees closer to her chest. Her vision went blur out of her teary eyes. The girl touched her fingers onto her cheeks trying to wipe off those tears. Her action was interrupted with a shadow figure. She looked up to figure out. The room was lightened up. Oh, her love was standing there. A smile appeared on her lips and a shine was visible in her eyes. It was the shine emerging from the figure itself.

She saw next to her love, was standing those who were laughing at her previously. But for now, they too were giving a contended smile. She smiled back in return.

“Pretty as always” her mind thought as she watched ‘her’. She was her gorgeous love.

They said “I was a candle, she was my flame.” So right; when they burn me, she become the source of light. Indeed, she was a source of light for everyone else too. They were meant to jointly illuminate and diminish darkness.  But for the candle, its flame was its sole reason of existence. Without her flame, the candle seems useless.

The girl’s thoughts were intruded by the beauty of her love, as her eyes got transfixed in admiring her other half- Her flame. Yes, she belonged to her. The more she saw her, the more she felt proud to be hers.

Every candle has to melt completely someday and then the lightning flame does not remain hers anymore.

The realisation struck her and she knew those mocking laughter which now got extinguished in the shine of flame; before those meant that soon the day would come, when the candle will lose its flame. The flame would remain to exist but she will lighten up on another moulded candle to brighten another house.  

The upset little girl, recalled the day when these laughing creatures had burnt her and she had readily accepted to be burnt seeing the magnificent her become hers. The journey all through was amazing. She smiled little and then a little more. Simply, every moment was as beautiful a memory as beautiful her presence has always been. Also the smile was a reason that the time is now, when the flame would shine at its extreme. The bond will grow stronger and sharper, and they would shine a lot more, together.

Yes, it’s going to a beautiful end of the journey for the candle and its flame. Yet they are inseparable. She will shine anywhere or maybe everywhere but her beauty will tell how once they had glowed as one.


One thought on “Her beautiful Flame

  1. When I read the title to this post, I somehow knew who that ‘her’ was for. But I couldn’t have even imagined if you could put it so beautifully in words. Really! Fantabulous!!
    And as you always say.. ‘N.I.’ rocks!


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