We cry; you forget your happiness. We laugh; you don’t bother your pains.

It’s Women’s Day tomorrow!

We women expect our men to do something sweet for us and Indeed these darlings put their efforts to make their loving; wife, daughter, sister, granny feel special. Not just on this day, but almost every day.

Men are generally more Independent but they let their girl know, they still need them, at every step. Rather they never fail to make us an important part of their lives. I personally feel we girls should thank our wonderful men on Women’s Day.

Because it’s you who… You give us the strength, when we are at worst situation. You care for us, even when we are in bad mood. You protect us, although you might be angry at us. You deny acting stupid, yet accompany us in crazy things. You don’t talk much, instead be a patient listener. You accept we are silly, still you never complaint us for being that. You go beyond your limits to make us smile. You simplify our problems helping us become a tough woman in this harsh world.

Indeed, you make us feel beautiful, making us realise we are maybe imperfect, yet perfect for you.

We girls say we love you more. And you never object on that. You let us believe the same. But truly, you might not say, we know it. It’s you who love us more. Totally!

So, let him know, you are proud to be his. And on the day wish all those handsome men in our lives, A very Happy ‘your’ Women day. Certainly, a woman can’t celebrate the day without her man. Let them know, we are proud to have them in our lives.


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