It’s just not a book

As I finished reading the book, I held in my hands, I knew I was emotionally struck. One reason, it was a real life tale. Seriously it would have been easier if it was just a fiction.

“Can love happen twice?” it’s a sequel to Ravinder’s first book- I too had a love story.

I am certainly not here to give a review, as reviews are meant for fictional books, telling if the author did write up a great story or not. But giving remarks to real story won’t be right. I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing my emotions.

I won’t empathize saying that life has been cruel to him. I won’t judge the girl, for she has her aspirations. I won’t question god for being unfair to a true lover.

Simply I make no judgment and no sympathy. As a reader, I ought not to.

I read his words, as for he wanted to share his life as an author.

His first book had left me tearful and like every reader of his, I too had wished he gets his Khushi back in his life.

He did found his love back again but he deserved; his Khushi, His happiness, His share of love. As that is all he had always wanted, expected from his life.

It takes a lot of strength to narrate your story. You have that in strength in you. And we all know, you can strongly move on, with this strength in you.

I would love to appreciate his friends, who had always remained the best part of his life. Someone for whom, he could be assured of.

It’s just a little post to tell all of them, who are reading this post of mine, if you haven’t ever read or never felt connected to a love story, you must read his. I am sure you’ll connect with him easily.

But yeah, if you are so busy living a life full of negativity, you should not pick this one. For you might end up losing faith in love. Although, the true fact is it’s the love that supports you to overcome and heal up every injury. That love could be in any form. Love of your parents, love of your friends, love from your reader as your fans, love in its true form- which you find in your partner or your love in faith of god’s existence.

So, stay positive. Take out some time, do read it, and feel the love. And admit love is painful yet the best thing that happens in our life, which cease to remain in us forever as a memorable moment.




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