love is needing someone

Love is needing someone, who accepts you completely.
Love is needing someone, who somehow completes you.
It’s that someone, to whom and for whom your love would be everlasting.
Love is needing someone, whom you can’t separate from yourself.
For that someone, doesn’t live with you but in you.

I never denied loving you. I still do. I love you more than anyone else can love you. But my love is not you deserve. You deserve better. Rather I should say much better.

You can love me for sake of loving and get a lot in return. But that won’t be right.

Truly loving means loving completely and giving them not only your love, but even a part of your life, which you want to share and care with them equally.

If only you had let me hold that part and nurture it. You never let me and it proves me right. I don’t deserve.

Someone, whom we love deeply, completes us by their mere presence and this feeling of completeness makes us need them.

Oh, you should know love comes along with that liveliness feeling and need of having them to hold a part of us.

The true fact is you never needed me. The true fact is without me you won’t ever feel incomplete.

I said it all, I know i am doing right. Yes, I understood the real meaning of love when I loved you. Now I want you to search that someone who makes you understand the same. And someone whom you’ll need for your life.

I never denied loving you. Yes I would always do. But you’ll love him more than you had loved me. Sure, for he would deserve that love more. Rather I should say you both will deserve each other.

And the day you find him, you’ll too agree and know I was right, for he would be right for you.


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