Music and Memories

Some song when played brings up old memories. In spite of being amidst of everything, you simply can’t help but recall old moments with that particular someone.

Not that you happen to relate yourself to the song, but the song itself feels like relating to you and your that particular someone.

It forces you to think and relive old times. As the flashback begins in your thoughtful mind, the heart mechanically synchronizes and begins to feel them again afresh.

If asked reason on being found lost in those thoughts, You may then pretend to show not getting affected but the truth is mere music can prove you wrong.

Yes, you may act strong saying you are in present, and moved on from your past. Yes, you happily boost of living your perfectly framed life.

Still somewhere deep inside you are aware that some beats does stop your feet from moving on. As that would mean to step further and see another world outside, which is very different from the world you wished for.

You know, you wished to hear it again, live those memories and not bury them, for they did valued. And that’s the reason, that a specific song gets related to you.

If it wasn’t, it hasn’t existed in your playlist. If wasn’t, it haven’t been heard ever. But the truth is it’s forever played on loop.

The real strength is in accepting reality, not running away. Trying to ignore, or enacting as deaf won’t change the real fact.

So, admit it. Don’t stop or pause. Play it again. Repeat it.

It won’t harm you. Memories never weaken us, if in past they were valuable, then reliving those simply connect you from your good past. Your turning away from it or deleting it in anger would prove those good as bad.

So, admit it. Don’t stop or pause. Play it again. Repeat it.

It won’t let you down, for it was good.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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