Because its love…

Its valentine week! We love someone for eternity but this week brings up a season of love, making moments more special. In dedication to this lovely season, here are few little words I wrote that crossed by my mind. Rather I should say which made way into my heart, as love is not mind thing.

She was totally messed up,

She was completely tangled;

Here totally for her madness and,

There completely in her complications.

Still he stood patiently,

Trying to tie that knot,

That beholds their bonding.


They knew they belonged differently.

But she wished they moved together.

He allowed her to reach to him,

Knowingly she needed him.


She feared to cross unknown road.

His hand touched hers,

He poured all the love & care.

That moment, says it all.

She knew she can believe in.


She took hold of his hand.

Time brought them close.

It shall hold no future, though.

The fact was known to her,

She was yet satisfied,

For her present was him.


She said it…

I want to hug you breathlessly,

I want to kiss you unstoppable,

I want to let you know forever,

With you I can die without words,

For my love would live.


He responded…

You are still mad and,

You still do have complications,

But now it doesn’t disturb you?


She stood smiling endlessly.

No, not anymore because;

 She had started to adore her madness,

 She had learnt to admire her complications.

As she knot a strange but stronger bond.


She replied- For now and from now I want to love you every day!


Let me know your views

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