Review: Half Girlfriend.


“Are you a fan of Chetan Bhagat’s novel? “ Someone had once questioned me. I had been quiet.

I didn’t know how to explain it.  For me, I simply admire a book, if I am able to connect through and if I am able to feel those words, through which the writer is trying to convey. With Chetan’s Sir Books, I always had that willingness to read the story he wishes to narrate. His way of expressing any emotion is amazing. You can imagine the characters thoroughly. And best thing, I love reading such kind of stories. I am not much fond of biographies or big fat science fiction.  They seem complicated to me. For understanding those, you need to stress up your mind. Instead, I read to get relaxed. So, these kinds of sweet real based or fiction stories, is what I adore to read. If that’s being a Fan of him, maybe yes I am.

‘Half Girlfriend’, after reading his; 2 states and revolution 2020 it was his third book I read completely.

Yes, I had excitedly pre-ordered the book on Flipkart.Com. In fact I had teased my friend that it had reached to me before his order came up. But I haven’t read it as soon as it arrived. He had finished it soon, much before I started it.

Here I took my own sweet time, like always a habit of mine. I find the fun in reading one or two chapters daily. I don’t like to finish off them quickly and then dumping the book in your rack. I go slow, taking in its every word, feeling the emotion, thinking about what could next happen, and being thoughtful about it as a daily dose. By the time I finish a book, it had already become a part of my routine and I feel sad to detach from it. But then a happy ending gives you a satisfaction. Yes, I was glad the book, Half girlfriend had a very lovely ending.

Coming to the review, Riya and Madhav, not so unlike story, but yet was different in its own way. That first appearance, the guy knew it, she is the girl. I adored that first meeting. The blooming bonding with time and the separation took much before than expected. The abrupt decision of the girl to get married to another guy and so quickly she broke up her marriage. The guy approaches the girl, but they weren’t to meet so easily.  Another time, they came across. It was cute, how they helped each other in every aspect, yet not able to confess their love. The girl was told to be suffering from disease. I presumed it to be an incomplete love story, where the guy, could never get a moment of love. He couldn’t ever move on from loving her. His madness of loving her increased, when the truth was revealed of her survival, of the lie she had told. Followed up, His search to her, and his passion of reaching to her. He wasn’t the guy who was heroic, but still he loved her truly. And that was the best part of this story. He was her hero, who could go beyond any limits, for his love. They were totally opposite. She was modern, he was not. She was rich, he was not. She was fearful, he was daring. She was quiet type girl, and thinks twice before saying. The boy realizes it later, after speaking, he had said it.

Not the best, but all through the journey of reading their love story, I am glad Chetan Sir, shared it with us. Those sweet little moments, where we felt, oh yeah it’s so natural. Those words, which kept us engaged in the story. And yes, I love the passion he had for his love. Not to forget, his supportive friends, they were wonderful companions. Last but not the least, for making us aware of some facts of the city unknown to many, Bihar.

You might not be a fan of the author, but if you are fond of love stories, I guess you might adore this one.

P.S. It was my first attempt to review a book.


Isha 🙂


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