Thank you 2014

The year is about to end and I’d like to pen down my complete journey of the year 2014…

When I look back, I see my post of last year, where I had said I was fearful with the arrival of this year. Yes definitely, I had assumed it shall be the worst year. But gladly it didn’t. Things I was afraid of, hasn’t happened yet. They are put on hold. And I am relaxed.

Yeah, one day it would be happening, but maybe this year had given me enough time to prepare myself to face the situation. And for now I am ready to tackle things, alone.

I had no good expectations, and guess that’s the reason the journey went unexpectedly wonderful. With time, I realized some people enter your life to never leave you alone. They not only become a part of your life, but they hold a part of your life, trying to always make you feel safe and secure by not letting you lose that share which they behold. Instead they even protect the other part of you, by their positive presence. Such people are our strength, our inspiration for life, to live that life.

In contrary to this, some people are part of our life, not wishfully but forcibly. They never wish to understand you; they never seem to care to know what you feel, what makes you happy. They act they are there to support you, but they keep telling everything done by you is wrong. They state that you are wrong completely. However strongly you try to please them, they always find flaws. They always have something or other reason or way to make you feel bad, make you feel worst. Such people are big de-motivating factors in our life.

Anyway this year gave my relations new meaning; new memories, new dreams, and much more. Some which turned out pretty lovely and some probably turned out pretty bad too.

I am happy for my sweet brother, who got happily married and found a wonderful partner in his wife. I am happy for my sweet home, which got renewed and had become more amazing now. I am happy for my sister; she finally found a way to her successful career ahead. I am happy for my dad; he no more had to miss his beloved, for this year she was not far away but beside him. I am happy for my friends who was able to fulfill their dreams and even for those who found their love. I am happy for my school mate, who surprised me with such great news of her marriage and recently got happily settled in her married life.

I am happy for myself; I could see a ray of hope to my future. I could take a step towards the dream I supposed I would be burying down somewhere. Thanks to two of you, for making me believe in, we can make it happen. Together! I promise to give my best to our dream, for its not just mine alone anymore.

And most of all, I am happy for that bonding I had with my dearest friend. Actually she is much more than a friend. She means to me my soul mate, who was supposed to be attached with my soul, but I have found her later. I don’t know but you truly own my soul. If I had ever lived as twins, she surely must have been like you sweetheart. I got my twins in you. And this year is special because of you, because of the bonding we share had completed its 10 years. The counting doesn’t matter but it feels good to know, in these past 10 years, we were far yet close to each other’s heart.


And there is something else I would like to share. I always avoid mentioning sad moments, but this time I would like to express. Tell to that someone who had broken my trust. I know when I trusted you, I was wrong. If you’d be reading this, you can guess it’s ‘you’ I am talking about. I said I wanted to be there for you, I was wrong. I was a fool, for I shouldn’t have been there. I couldn’t help you. Rather, I should say I couldn’t change the negativity in you. But you surely transformed me. I lost my faith on attachments. I lost my belief on my own promise of never breaking bond. I broke ours. But I don’t regret on my decision. I am happy I found out your truth. I am happy I realized one shouldn’t try to protect others to the extent that they happen to destroy you. Yes, you tried to destroy my trust. Sadly, it’s not that weak. Not until my loved ones is there to protect.

This year has surely brought me new experiences, made me learn new aspects in life. It has certainly changed me, to great extent. And I am glad for I was waiting to bring that change in me. I am thankful to those, whosoever became the reason for making me feel, I need that change. You might have been bad, but your bad have done good to me.

Well, above everything I am here to say a big thanks to all those who gave me smiles, who gave me beautiful memories to cherish forever, to make my birthday special, to share with me your life, to celebrate with me good times, to hug me and wipe off my tears in bad times and to always make those sweet call conversations. I love talking and I love being Miss. Chatterbox. LOL!

This note is dedicated to all those people in my life; each and every deed of yours touches me and brings you a little more close to my heart. And with that tiny heart, which is filled with your care and love, I want to say, I love you all! A lot! Like SO MUCH!  ❤ ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “Thank you 2014

  1. Great post Isha!
    You know you don’t have to fear anything. Definitely not when you got such a lovely family and great friends. Always be smiling. Life is better when looked through that frame.

    Have a great 2015. Cheers!


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