The gifted Rose

Gifts are precious from the feelings with which it’s given, not the price.

Everyone in the room scanned all the pricy gifts placed on his bed, but his eyes fell on that red rose kept on the bed side table.

His mind trying to settle down his heart beats, as he recalled the velvet touch of the person, when it was given to him. The gift was simple and subtle, similar to the person.

And to his admiration the person was present in his room from past few hours, only he couldn’t realise that. Even her presence in his life, has been a forever fact, it was always he failed to notice.

“Happy birthday Raj”

“Thanks!” he had smilingly accepted her gift.

“Raj, I wanted to tell you…” Her words were left unheard as someone snatched him for photography session.

He looked up direct into her chocolaty eyes, trying to find those words she wanted to tell.  Everyone else had walked out of the room for filling up their stomach with the food being served.

“I love you” the three words seemed like stuck onto her lips. She found them difficult to say.

“Teena?” he came up to her to stand at window pane.


“You wanted to tell something”

The soft glossy lips quivered to spell out what his ears urged to hear.

“Look at me!”

She couldn’t follow his command.

Raj smirks a little at her hesitancy. He stepped forward to near her but she maintained the gap by moving backwards from her position. He smirked completely. His girl was shy; the thought came up in his mind, before he could even decide if she was the girl.

Oh! His mind just answered his question. He listened to his mind and was sure her heart agrees on the same.

“Raj… I”

“Sshh…” He interrupted as his finger quickly reached to stop her lips.

“I want to tell you something before you.” he stated. Her eyes met his, straight.

Her eyes widened up in state of shock, as he hugged her tightly, followed by his smile. He could guess her reaction, but he remained silent.

Before she could admit, the next second he broke the pause. “We love each other!”

She jerked him off suddenly in surprise.

“Don’t we?” he questioned.  She stared blankly.

“I just thought I would complete yours and mine words together” he explained. “Instead of we both saying to each other, I said the fact altogether.” He continued blabbering, as her mind was registering his words, which went on so quickly.

“Ouch!” She gave him a punch on his arm.


“I wanted to be the first one to express, you fool!” She complained.

“Oh! Yeah with your speed you would have told me in instalments taking a time of years.” he mocked.

She pouted sadly as he pulled her into another hug. She rested her chin on his shoulder.

The silence came into existence again.

“Yes!” She broke the silence.

“What?” He asked confused.

“We do love each other!” She answered softly.

His lips curved into smile, hands curved a little more tightly around her and eyes admired the rose.


Well, Raj had surely admired Teena’s gift. Gifts have always remained close to my heart also, even the simplest.

And  I too want to thank someone to gift me today a special blog post, relating me as part of their life. It feels great to know you are valued, in spite of your many faults. Thank you for your lovely wishes.


Isha 🙂



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