Essential for life: Positivism!



Hoping all of you, my readers, are happily and positively spending your lifetime. It’s more important to stay positive rather than having good or bad times. As we can live life completely, in either case, if we are optimistic about our life.

Even I was one of those in older times, who used to crib about tiny things. I used to cry a lot feeling sad about little wrong things happening.  I did have the same excitement as today though, for welcoming happiness.

Maturity comes with life experience, it’s a true fact. I too understood slowly the value of life terms. As of now, I stay happier and cry less. Not that I got only good times. In fact I had gone through tough phase these years but yet happily accepted them as a part of me and my life.

Well, certainly I would credit my lovable ones for giving me that strength in being what I am today. I would have been nothing without you all.

Pricking of thorns are forgotten when I see the beauty of roses, I hold in my hand.

You all are those wonderful magnificent roses in my life, who had brightened it up with your presence.

Feeling blessed for whatever we got is great and doesn’t let us be sad about what we couldn’t get. The world is full of many aspirations, we can’t get everything. We get what we are ought to.

You are those ones who taught me, that drop of tears too shine when they fell onto delicate petals. They look pearly and precious, all you need to see them through sunrays.

Similarly, sunrays in our life is said to be the positive factor, through which we should look forward into our life. Its then, our life seems full of life and precious to us.

So, stay as much positive you can for life is to live happily even in the worst times. Laugh a little more today and you’ll find yourself stress free in tough situations and lastly, Don’t wait for reasons for happiness but find them all by yourself 😉



Isha 😀




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