He defines her, he defined love.

Seeing him again, after so long felt like the first drop of rain on her skin, totally refreshing and lively.

She heard him laugh; he was there right beside her.

He walked and she followed not knowing the path he would lead her to, yet assured he shall take care of anything and everything.

His hand rose to give her a hand of help, as he read her silent words. She needn’t need to express her need to hold him for support. She adored him in delight.

A little touch of his brought life to petal of her heart with rain of love.

She presumed she could never define her love of life, but her answer was next to her, he meant love to her.

They were surrounded by darkness, but she was fearless she knew it’d all. It was his presence, which lightened up her life and brightened her eyes with the shine of smiles he gave to her.

If love is finding moments magical with someone existence, it was him for her.  She felt engrossed in love, when she feels him.

She heard her laugh; for he was there right beside her. He defines her, he defined love.


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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