A loving bond for forever!

I accept I have loved you…
I confess I love you…
I admit I’ll always love you.
I have loved you I don’t know since when. Maybe since I have known you or maybe since I have got to know me from you…
You taught me, helped me learn true and real my own self. You became my strength, my support. I no more fear falls, knowing you are there to hold me. And I trust you won’t leave me alone in pain. Oh yes, I valued you more than anyone else, people jealous about this fact. But my concern isn’t them, for I know our understanding is stronger. Nothing can affect the bonding.
If ever it had, the need of belongingness had brought us together. I am cherished to realise, I have got plenty sweet memories with you. I can spend my complete life sharing those and making some more.

Thinking of you, I am smiling. Not only because you are reason of my smile but you even gave shine to my dark life. Let me hide in your arms and feel the light in your protection forever.
Thinking of you, I feel I am blessed. Not only because you are my love. But yours is the heart I found can fit it in my faults and still loving me unconditionally. Let me entangle our fingers and promise a bond, friendship forever!
I accept you were a good friend.
I confess you are my special friend.
I admit you shall remain to be best of all friends.


Sharing this emotional piece I wrote and glad to tell, I have completed 3 years to my blogging. Love you all my readers. Keep rocking and smiling!

Thank you for forever!



Isha šŸ™‚


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