Expect the unexpected…

Life sometimes gives a feeling of belongingness, while other times it seems stranger to us. We shouldn’t expect anything from it, people who fall weak and feel betrayed says.

I believe they should have better thought, we can expect a lot from our life, as life is full of surprises. In a way we should be ready for unexpected things to happen. And my belief is not for sake of words, I learnt it from my experiences.

It’s when I felt now I shouldn’t hope and stop expecting, life shows me a hope. It’s when I felt everything is on track, I lose my track. Full of ups or downs, it’s always unexpected.

But isn’t that what makes life exciting? It always leaves you astonished. It never stops amazing you. If it’s bad at times, it’s equally good to us many times. Life is totally depending on us, if we live cherishing those sweet memories, or mourn for tearful memories. It’s what we value more, our pains we got or those smiles we have with us.

Tough to remain optimistic as we aren’t great, people say. Well, certainly no one is born great. We can just try to search for greatness hidden in us, by looking for positivity, instead of following easy path of negativity.

Because similar to life, we humans are also much unexpected. So, don’t stop to expect. But expect the unexpected in us and in our lives.



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