Never let go!

I would never let you go. He said agitated.

But you know it, I had to leave.  She exclaimed.

Why? Why you want to leave?  He protested.

We aren’t supposed to walk along, on different path of our lives. She detailed.

We can choose one single path together. Isn’t it? He tried to pacify.

Maybe, if you had loved me. She winced being said that.

I do, you know that. He remarked.

I never knew that, you never told. She clarified.

You know it now, I love you! He stated affirmatively.

Her eyes felt tearful and her heart overwhelmed, hearing his expression of love.

So you aren’t leaving me, right? He questioned puzzled.

Love doesn’t bind us. I want you to walk on your dreamt path. She turned not wanting to face him, as she explained.

But my dreams can’t be lived without you being a part of my life and dreams. I need you. He spoke plainly trying to look out for her expressions. She smiled gazing at walls.

He felt confused at her silence stance, as he waited for her to speak her decision- Final one!

I love you too. He heard her. He neared her, turning her to face him.

I love you, since forever! She admitted. A smile slipped onto his lips, as his heart beat rose pleasingly.

“I would make sure to never let you go” he vowed, while his fingers directed her chip up to meet her eyes straight.

I am always there with you. I needn’t leave, for I need you for same reason as yours. She stated assuring him with her confirmed tone.

You know my reasons? He questioned her teasingly.

You love me. I know that. She justified.

You said you hadn’t known that. He smirked.

I had known that, just waited for you to confirm in words. She uttered blushingly.

Before blush crept all over her cheeks he pulled her into his arms, filling the air gap between them.


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