Valentine Special

The day is of romance, of love and on this day I thought of sharing something I wrote based on my most favourite Jodi onscreen- Arnav Khushi.

Valentine is nothing without love, same way these two characters is meaningless without each other. So, here is my dedication to the day, to the fans of this Jodi and most of all to those readers who were willing to read one of my fictions.

At present it’s simply a one shot, though I had the view to continue the story but only if I get less lazy, I would probably think about it.

Yours views are welcome, as it’s a pleasure to hear from you always.

Arnav’s khushi- you belong to me!

There was a knock on the door and he knew it would be her.  He could always feel when she is around.

“You may come in Mrs. Raizada.” He responded.

She opened the door stunned, with the fact that he had recognised her without actually seeing her.

“I should have known, he always have got cameras fit everywhere. Just the way he had them in his bedroom.” She walked in blabbering to herself.

“Our!” he exclaimed.

“Huh?” she uttered in confusion.

“It’s our bedroom Mrs. Raizada” he cleared.

Her eyes went wide at that clarification. She had been struggling hard to accept the harsh truth, that they got married last week, the person she considers the cruellest was now unfortunately her husband.

“So, what brought you here?” he questioned breaking her thoughts.

“Umm…” she stood blankly.

“Oh! I get it. You were missing me, isn’t?” He looked up straight, mischievously smiling at her.

“No!” she blurted out instantly.

“Mom had asked me to drop this lunch of yours. I didn’t really want to but couldn’t refuse her.” She continued to speak in a protesting manner.

He smirked and she felt a little more awkward.

Keeping the box on the table, she turned to leave, not noticing he had stood up to walk up to her.

“Wait Mrs. Raizada, what’s the rush?” he demanded. She felt his warm hold at her wrist. Nervousness strikes her.

He brought her closer to face him and immediately she found her breathing felt faster.

“Blue colour looks hot on you. “He remarked flirtingly.

Her eyes shot up to look directly into his dark chocolate eyes. She noticed him admiring her. Feeling uneasy she tried to fix her sarree drapes, which were already perfectly set.

“Relax Mrs. Raizada.” He said bending closer to her, making her bend backwards.

“I am not going to eat you up.” He added huskily and winked at her.

She felt disgusted and pushed him a little back.

“Khushi, that’s my name. I do have an identity of my own. Stop calling me Mrs. Raizada all the while.” She yelled out trying to cool down his effect on her.

“I know you are Khushi, my wife, that’s the reason you are privileged to get my name.” He stated determined, as he went around her to settle back in his seat again.

She felt relaxed at the distance maintained. He chuckled at her expressions, while shuffling through some papers.

Khushi banged her hand hard on the table.

“And to correct, we had married for the reasons you very well are aware off. So, don’t blow that.” She pronounced glaring at him.

He felt a pinch in his heart, at her statement.

“Yes, exactly, you are right. I haven’t forgotten that.” He admitted.

Satisfied at her command, she turned to walk away.

“But remember until you have got my name, you better know I am aware of anything happening around in your life. Don’t think I am fool out here. You know, I know you good Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada.” He barked warning her with his every word, he had just said.

She exasperated at the comment & walked out straight, avoiding facing him.

The door shut with a bang & he tightened his fist, trying to control his anger, the one he had controlling since long.

P.S. I know you will be wondering where the love was. Well, we all fans know the reason- mohabbat dur jaane na de, nafrat paas aane ne de…. that’s why it was named- “Is pyaar ko kya naam dun?” Isn’t?


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