When someone enters our life so magnificently, flourishing your life with their fragrance of love, we are delighted. If that someone later turns to walk away, separating from you, we are saddened. We tend to cry and think of reasons of moving on from pain. To some people, those people who left half way come back; then we too act stronger and let them be part of their life once again.

The sense of pain seems to vanish when you realise you were not the reason to past separation. That it was all those misunderstandings caused by people jealous from your happiness.

We then presume everything is fine, but we can’t deny, past can’t be detached. You got to admit, you are fine for you don’t get to feel the pain anymore. You have overcome it alone, as when you needed support, there was lack of it.  And now your lips smiles thankfully appreciating that heart for staying connected to your heart always, though it doesn’t even hurt to detach anymore.

Our heart seems relaxed still if we ought to hear our heart it would speak the words left unsaid; looking forward to serene place to settle in its solitude, it endlessly utters “I am tired.”

It’s tired of expectations, of complaints, of loving, of being hurt. So it wants to choose to live peacefully without any tiresome. It never wishes to return to world, it returned from. That was too loud. It desire silence. Oh heart! It don’t want “Attachments”, the word is erased away from its core.


2 thoughts on “Attachments

  1. The day our heart gets tired,get scared of losing something or someone, we die from inside.. Life is to stay happy for we are here on this planet for a very short interval when we see the eternal canvas of reality.
    Very Recently,I have lost people around me. Now,all that matters to me is if I could see them in real, talk to them, tell them how much I really care for them.
    Being busy is not an excuse, let your dear ones know..and take each day head on with open arms with no grievenaces. Its time to enjoy each and every moment for life is very beautiful if you can see it. Take care!


    • I don’t agree on that for When our heart gets tired, we don’t keep attachments as we stop fearing detachments and start living without getting scared.
      and yes, true one should always keep expressing. Its better than regretting later after you lose.
      BTW the post talks about regaining your loved ones after a loss.
      You too take care and keep blogging! 😀


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