I just can’t move on

And I thought I had moved on, that you won’t affect me anymore.

I was playing fair enough until I heard your voice… And in friction of seconds, I didn’t realised the flush crept over my cheeks.

I felt enchanted by your words as they sound to me the most melodious ones. You were caring and soft. Oh, I love her so much; my heart couldn’t deny the fact. It started to beat unusually faster, reminding me of the cause- your presence.

You turned, you left and I smiled at your retreating figure.

Yes, she came and went like always. Yes, I love her and can’t stop loving her like always.

Nothing had changed!

And I knew I had to move on, she can’t affect me from now on.

I have to play fair, I explained myself again trying to be stronger this time. Knowingly nicely yet I was not ready to admit that I fall weak for you, only for you.


P.S. I know that was a silly one, but that little one above, came up in my mind just as I was hearing one of those song in my list.


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