Happiness- When we met! Part 1

29th December, 2013 9:30 am

“I am going to meet her after a long awaited time” I thought somewhere in middle of my dreams, while my body was cosily hugging the blanket (blame the winters). Out of sudden, I jumped out of my bed. Yay! I squeaked out softly and rushed to get freshen up.  I was excited and it was clear on my expressions.

“But where is she? Nothing has been finalised yet! “I wondered and saw the clock. It was 10 by then; I dialled her number on my phone. As expected I heard her lazy sleepy voice on other side. Her sweet tone made me smile, and I questioned her of the plan. Things were decided and I hung up the phone. The excitement yet running through my veins, I didn’t know when it was going to subside. Maybe when I meet her, I said to myself.

An hour had passed and I was moving at slow pace, I realised. Its better I rush up, I complained.

I messaged her to check if she has been ready and got to know she just the similar me. I laughed at two of us.

Another hour passed but now I was set ready to leave and I again confirmed by messaging her. No response, I smiled. Lazy girl, I said and walked out of the house. On the way to reach metro, her message beeped on my phone and I knew she must have not got ready. I assured her of taking her own sweet time, while making up my mind to reach straight at her place. That sounds an easy way instead of waiting and satisfied with my plan I moved forward.

It was 12:40 pm and I boarded the metro in the same excited mood. Music on my ears, texts being exchanged, I examined the weather through windows. It wasn’t that cold, I stated as I recollected what I had wore. There were layers of clothes on me, and I felt like a stuffed teddy.

I reached half way and I was told she is yet busy getting ready. And I thought I was a slow motion girl, I proudly patted myself in thoughts. I knew it was chance to tease her and messaged our mutual friend about the current situation. Chatting and laughter followed up all the way. In between I kept updating her of my stations as the metro led me to her destination.

Finally it was the next station; I was thrilled by the thought itself. However I hadn’t expected something would intervene in my eagerness to meet her. The metro stopped at crossed station rather than reaching the platform I was to de-board. Everyone was surprised but we did have a solution to go back to opposite direction and take another route metro. It was simple, I considered. I told her about it and she directed me the way to reach the destined route. I was well aware of the routes, but I appreciated her sweetness of explaining me.

Just few minutes and I would be seeing her, I sighed satisfied. The metro door opened, I excused the lady at front to move aside. She was busy arrogantly screaming at someone over the phone. I wanted to push her aside, but couldn’t and in friction of seconds I became conscious of closing of doors. I felt like shouting at her but nothing could be done. It would go in vain. I skipped my station. I texted her, as I felt crazy, unknown of the reason to my own amusement at my situation.

I de-boarded the next station and went to the opposite direction another time. The next minute her call appeared, I instantly answered it with a loud laughter. She was amazed at my reaction. People said it right, I am mad.  I confirmed her that there won’t be any more skipping of stations.

Already we had postponed our plans from months, and now this can’t be happening. I had to meet her, I said in my mind self-certain. The metro again reached on the platform and I decided not any more mistakes. By now I knew she must have reached the place too and would be waiting. How I thought, it would be me to wait for her. I chuckled and aboard the metro.

2 stations later finally I reached to destination. I felt relief and I dialled her number. I knew she must be waiting in front of ladies coach; I walked straight, while I heard her questioning me “where are you?”

“I am at the station.”

“You aren’t joking right? I can’t see you. Did you miss the metro or any stations again?” I heard her complaining. I giggled.

“No! I am reaching to you, give me a minute” I said clearly.

“I am wearing black jacket. What you wearing?” She put up the next question.

“Blue.” I replied and considered the fact. I do recognise her, but I knew I am crazy to make such mistakes too, especially at such crowded place.

Gotcha! I said to myself when I was able to find her standing nearly at end of crowd. I was indeed pleasant to see her, words would shortfall to express. I have met many friends, but surely few of them have a charm. She was one among those charming people.

When two gals meet, they chit chat like anything, nothing else matters. Not even the surroundings. The phrase set right on us. We continued to talk on our way to nearest mall. Even when we passed through checking procedure at entrance, when we stepped in elevators, when we walked to food court, when we sat, when we ordered, when we ate, when we played at game court, when we roamed outside mall and when not I wondered. However we weren’t yet tired of talking. We left to her pg and the chatting sessions continued even on rickshaws, in her room.

We surely didn’t forget to have fun along with our conversations. Just that the talks were playing complimentary role during our fun time.

I never could understand our bonding, it’s different rather it’s unique. Not so similar to each other in many aspects, yet we seem to be alike. Not much needed to say and we know what is being told. We haven’t known much about each other; still it felt it wasn’t needed. Apart from this there are rare people you find real comfort in being with, when it comes to her, she for sure gives that utter comfort. I know I can go along her without thinking much. Surprisingly!

And to this amazing bonding we gave a dose of awesome hangout that day. Thanks sweetheart for making the moment cheerful by your mere presence. I missed you already, when we departed. It was an extraordinarily refreshing meeting and as we bid bye to each other, I knew I was waiting for next one.


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