New or old?

It’s a New day, New Year, New date and as people say it brings New hopes. But guess it’s totally opposite for me; it has brought new fears to me. I wasn’t prepared for this year to arrive so soon. I wanted time to stay, which is impossible.  The year is going to bring many turning points in my life, for which I am surely yet not ready.

However past had been, but it’s gone. I know I had faced that past. Now when I look back, that looks more fascinating, knowing what future shall bring.

Life is unpredictable and we should always remain hopeful, I believed. I am still positive for life, and I know I would manage it just that way I had in past.  Only difference shall be this time, it may be the alone me, and not you with me. I won’t let you down, I won’t fall weak but I won’t deny from admitting that you are my strength. I love you! I love you so much.

2013 was amazing; rather I would say it was magical. It gave many wonderful moments to cherish forever. It would be tough to pen down them all, as memories are best remembered in heart and not in words. But for sure I am grateful to all those fantastic people out there, who are linked not only to my life but have even made way to my heart through their presence. And to those new entrants, who have just bonded to me, yet had been sweet enough to care about me.

To describe a bit I would say……

Shopping like never for my two cousin’s marriage was an experience like never had. All I knew I had been throughout excited for it.  I had participated in all the marriage rituals for the first time, so it was another pleasant experience.

Apart from this though I had been so much involved into classes day and night, but there was something in one of those batches which gave me unforgettable moments. A complete package of fun and entertainment, a feel of belonging it gave. Lots of genuine and pleasant friends I found, with whom you could feel lively and who are with you for what you are and not what they want you to be. I won’t say best of friends, but decent ones to get along with.

Yeah the year had even changed me a lot, especially in terms of relations. I know I had been harsher, straighter forward rather than just hiding back my silent understandings. I had been quieter. I had been less expressive. I had done anything but not given best to my relations.  One reason I was busy giving someone life, who was solely dependent on me.

A touching note and a sense of devoting my time to help someone took over me just after few months in the beginning of year. There a friend of mine stood by my side, seeking for me to hold on her, to support her, to make her live her life again. She knew I can do that. And I decided I would. Everything aside, my complete attention was on protecting her.

Yes, I accept I had somewhat sidelined all others, who were a part of my life too. But then I knew my loved ones would understand me and I am glad they did. I owe them for being there even though I could not have been.

Beside all this, time brought my dearest friend near to me, and trust me, I want wholeheartedly thank him for each and everything. Those words said or unsaid, deeds, all of them valued lots. I could have never felt such special, as you made me feel so.  You made me relive the true me. I genuinely appreciate and admire all the love you poured on me.

Further there were worst times too, but I won’t discuss them. They aren’t worth being narrated. Just to note, they taught me plenty of teachings, which prove to be essential to survive.

Recalling all moments, I would end saying 2013- you hold the key to my upcoming future. Now, I am waiting for unpredictable to unfold my forthcoming life and allow me to unlock it.



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