Happiness-When we met! (part2)

If someone knows you love surprises, and do something to surprise you is sweet.

But if someone never knew that, someone whom you would never expect, yet he or she gives you simple sweet little ones that are most delightful.

Something same I happen to feel, when you surprises me.

Today 30th December, 2013 1:58 pm

I was lazily snuggled into my blanket and listening music on my earphones, while my hands were busy typing on laptop my blog post. (There was something due, but this one took its place, so wait for that one also as would be shared sooner).

My current track running on mobile stopped as a call came up, I saw the caller’s photo showing on my screen. I wasn’t anticipating it at all and then it clicked me, I should receive. I whacked my head as I pressed the green button.

“Where are you?” I heard the familiar voice, and the first question.

I was surprised when the question came up straight, rather than certain ‘hi!’.

“At my home” I stated very obvious.

“Where is your home?” came up the second question. Making me more confuse.

I answered perplexed the followed up questions and by every question I found myself more puzzled.

As I ended up the call, I knew I had less time to decide. I wanted to do what was said. But the question was how. An idea popped in my head as quick as urgent the situation was and I messaged “give me 15 min”.

The first thing I did was search my wardrobe, not for my dress but for the thing I had to hand over, I was eager to give from long. Oh yes, I was getting to see him again. I cherished with the thought.

A quick comb, having a bath was not an option in such short duration, speedily I changed my dreadful looking night dress into a better decent jeans and top with a jacket over it. Well, looks doesn’t matter much, I rushed to door and skipped out of my house making any random excuse.

I realised its chilly and automatically my hand moved to zip my jacket.

“This guy would always remain to be unpredictable” I murmured as I walked, or better say ran to chosen place.

I reached and saw no one there, I knew he wouldn’t be joking. I called him and it was instantly attended.

No! No! That’s not fair! I felt like screaming in anxiety.

I won’t cross a road, I complained over phone. I wasn’t in the mood to come across in front of cars, knowing my body was freezing.

“He would never change” the thought almost came out of my mouth as I turned to watch him behind me. A smile appeared on my lips. I ended the call and stepped forward to reach him.

I never knew 3 min meeting, could be this much surprising.

I handed over him those belongings of him and with a casual hi –bye we left.

It was unexpected but happening, I felt pleasant.

P.S. part 1 would be soon updated. 😛


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