I’m here today to share few words, which I titled ‘poem’ for I couldn’t come up with anything else. Though it’s certainly not like any rhythmic poem. But sometimes we just don’t find anything fit to match with our words, our emotions.

I wrote it, as my hand went on with the flow, to express my inner words into these short lines.

I wish I could connect them through it.


Time flew by as days passed,

It’s taking away all emotions.

I found you near me,

Yet you lost somewhere.


My hands they urged to touch you,

To feel your presence;

Yes, I could hold you;

But I found you stranger.


You were the one;

Who taught strength,

Who preached forgiveness,

Who valued relations.

The one that stood in front of me,

Is surely not whom I ever known.


Distance brings changes, I heard it.

Thou I realised it closely now.

You formed habits so different.


My eyes they weep seeing you again.

I cherished having you back in life,

Solemnly my heart ached,

As I wish to go back in time. 


Let me know your views

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