Reach to me- speaks my cravings!

When you left me, I was shattered. I felt a part of me walked away with you. And now when time has arrived you are coming back in my life, each and every minute wait for that moment, is getting harder for me. Or maybe the circumstances around me are making it worse. I am craving for you, I shall admit. My heart is longing to feel you near me, to hug you, to hear you. Most of all to know that I am not alone, for my strength will be back to me.

When nothing helps me out, when darkness seems to suffocate me, when confusion makes me entangled in my own thoughts, and when pain reaches to its height; my mind only wishes for you. And this is one of those moments, when I can’t think of survival without you. As for now no one else or nothing else can’t help me get out of this, except your presence. Why it won’t be, for you are my reason to existence.

My dreams they no more visualise you, for they want to hold you in real. Please come soon, don’t make any more delays. My heart screams to those skies, hoping they would convey my cries to you.

I feel so broken, to be glued with your touch. I find myself so lost, to be awakened by your smile.

Not only me, but my life is entirely waiting for you. It’s stuck to the point where my decision power needs your support to ensure that they’ll work out. They won’t fail anymore. They won’t limb but walk all confidently, like it had been before. Make me feel sure of my appearance, my survival, my life, by reaching to me, giving me what I urge to have from so long, and that’s your shower of love and care.

I desire to make memories, living moment s along you. I want to smile, with images of your shadows in my eyes.


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