Unplanned yet we planned!

Never thought my day today would be such an awesome…

Every time I meet you, I feel blessed, for every time you make me feel special by your mere presence and along you, even the moments feel extraordinarily special.

Nothing was different; it was same you and me, in the similar usual manner I waited for you and just like before you surprised me by your arrival. Even today I turned to find you standing there teasingly smiling at me, apart from the fact you had more luggage today. I wished to help you, but it was heavier than I expected them to be. I admit that you are strong.

Like always I found myself confused in deciding where should I take you and felt sad for I had to stick to the nearby restaurant, as I am unaware of my own city. I accept I am not very much like Delhi girls. Maybe I don’t admire roaming around, for that would be much of my alone trip, which is a bad option and boring too.

Well, my motive was to fill up ‘your’ stomach as I knew you must be tired and hungry but seems like you twisted it a bit, filling up ‘my’ stomach more than usual. Sadly, I felt over eaten today and still have to finish my lunch, prepared by my sister just for me. Ah, I really should learn to say no or maybe you should stop looking cute, while pleading me to do anything. I melt easily at your words.

Our silly talks, our laughs, our exploring the people around, our sharing of sweet lil things, our teasing attitude towards each other- everything we did together, after we left for our different destination, I miss them all.

The last few minutes of our meet, they were surely different in this encounter of ours, for I found myself more of upset I knew I had to leave, unknown of the fact when I would be meeting you again. I don’t know why but I seriously felt I could give you tight hug and let you know, you are my best friend. We meet or not, we talk or not, you would always remain in my mind and heart. It would be more appropriate to say, you would always mean life to me, for my life is certainly incomplete without you.

But above of all, I am glad we managed to meet another time, even in our odd schedules. Just want to end up saying I truly adore you, for forever being what you are- a lovely, caring, understanding and trustworthy person.


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