Those few lines….

Hello everyone again,

Thanks to those liker’s who had been a visitor to my blog and appreciated my 100th post, though I had updated it after so long.  Your presence encourages me always to write more.

Well, recently I had been a listening one of the latest track of Ayushman Khurana, a versatile singer and anchor. I truly adore him from the days of his anchoring and now his soft and sweet voice. While that song played in my ears, I couldn’t stop my fingers to write few lines, which are as below…. Hope you admire them.


In love, we sing rhythm of heartbeat…

I close my eyes to hear them, along you.


It’s true; I was given life to live;

But I learned when we met,

What’s like being alive.

You gave beat to my heart,

You gave smile to my lips,

You gave shine to my eyes,

You gave breathe to my soul.

Your existence gave meaning to mine,

For you-are my each & every moment.


In love, we spend time together…

I live to explore those, with you.





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