A rose not loved

It’s my 100th post and I am sorry I couldn’t make it special, but yes after so long I am here with something. Not taking much of your time, also there is nothing more I would want to say.

 So here it goes… Hoping you would like it.


I was a lost dead petal;

In search of wind,

Waiting for time,

That would decay me- Entirely.

You picked me up and,

Formed a new rose,

Letting me blossom in it,

Bringing to me,

A new hopes of life- Completely.


Your touch is not the feed,

Your care is what I need.


You loved roses;

Thou rose of love is red,

You painted me yellow,

Today if the rose is gifted,

I won’t say a word.

Being gifted is happier thing,

Then being crushed and dead.


I would cherish with smiles.

I would spread fragrance miles.


My love is not a fault.

Being loved in return,

Ever wasn’t a deal.

Loving you is and was my choice;

For my heart realised,

You had played a special role-

Not just in my life,

Rather in complete existence of mine.


Your love is not what I Desire,

Your presence is what I admire.


Ps. this to all who have been waiting for my next post. Thanks for being a sweet reader to my post. 


Let me know your views

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