Happiness leads to success

In the darkness of life,

I found myself lost somewhere.

I tried to smile,

But tears replaced them.


Like a twinkling star,

You entered my life.

You burnt yourself each time,

To give back me the shine.


Obliged to my thoughts,

I rejected to accept you.

I passed by you,

Only to find you- Yet standing there,

All the time waiting for me;

Till I reached again to you.


I turned, I smiled and shined.

You embraced me in your arms,

Taking away all my pain.

It did corrected, you did it right;

My pain was healed.

I was found then with strength.

I now knew, I do not fear;

Even to worst,

For you had enlightened me.


Delightedly walking on my way,

I found her…

The girl in whose eyes,

I saw my reflection-my past.

The one I had left back behind.

The story of hers-

I could reconnect with mine.


Another time tears formed up,

But I raised my hand to wipe hers.

Yes, I knew she was to meet me.

I now knew I was obliged.

To touch her wounded heart,

To make her soul alive,

To retain her breathe.



She seemed a part of me, my history.

I looked in your eyes,

Confident about my deeds,

I settled with the fact,

History won’t repeat.

I would give her what she ought to-

The true happiness.

As for her smile would lead to-

My true success.


5 thoughts on “Happiness leads to success

    • This is surprising… As I am too inactive these days, that i expect something like this….. but anyway nice to hear you had nominated me for the award.
      I am sorry I can revert back with all these requirements.. kind of busy these days but yes, thank you very much.
      Keep rocking and smiling!


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