You are not my teddy, you are my Tudu!



I woke up to find you settled sadly at the corner. You silently stood there but your posture said it all. Family, friends, studies, health, etc in all these things and in excitement of joy and in sadness of sorrows, I had been so engrossed that I forgot you from past a month. You were always there near me at my side of bed but I just didn’t notice that every morning and night you were waiting for me, just to look at you once.

I would have not been so concerned about anyone else if it wasn’t you, for you had never been just a thing to me. You are my first love and will always remain. The day when I hold you first was when I felt most cherished.


It was happily my 11th birthday and dad has gift me a brown packet. I love surprises and I excitedly started to open it with my tiny hands (they always seem to me smaller in size :/). Once I was done opening, I inserted my hand in the packet to feel the softness of your long rabbit shaped ears.

“What’s in it dad?” I had asked daddy childishly to which he had just smiled.

I slowly took you out and my eyes twinkled to find the cutest teddy was gifted to me. Your brownish features, black eyes, soft texture of white rabbit dress you wore along with its blue border giving a contrast to your already charming look. I seriously felt like I had gotten myself into first sight love. Indeed if it was legal to get married to a teddy, I would have proudly chosen you as my life partner forever.

Tiny in shape and size, I named you Tudu and since then; you are not my teddy, you are my Tudu. You were the first stuffy to me, I could never get such a darling like you. Many others joined my life, but the position resists to remain yours.

I am sorry sweetie-pie, I really am. Let me hug you once again; allow me to speak silly things again in your ears. Another time I want to pull your cheeks and kiss them.

I am contentedly delighted to say, you are forever mine and I am forever yours!


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