Happy two years!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday my dearest bloggie…

Happy birthday day to you!

Oh yes, today is the day when 2 years back I joined this blogger’s world and during this period I had shared with all my readers and ofcourse WordPress a great bonding. Indeed it has become a wonderful part of my life and I always cherish the time I spend over here; narrating my multi-emotional stories, penning down my feelings, talking anything annoying I’d like to talk about and not to forget scribbling whatever silly comes up in my mind.

Personally the present days are not going great for me; I am really wishing to find niche for myself to hide in. Well, not that I am not really enjoying life. But maybe I am not liking whatever is creating issues in my dear one’s life and worst is, that do effect me too. It always had and I guess will always remain to effect.

Certainly I am looking forward to have some peace of mind and the blame is to be put on my idiotic, nuisance and grumpy nature.

Anyway I don’t want to bore you anymore with my unnecessary blabbering. So wish you all together a sweet bye. Hoping we rock a little more in upcoming year.

Before you close down the page, here are some few words I would like you to read…

Our love- the person, whom we love, is surely the most important part of our life. But yet a part of our life. They do not complete it.

Keep rocking and smiling forever!


Isha 🙂


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