Together are we?



Together we came to a point of time,

Where we have to separate,

Not for ourselves but for each other.


Your love will always remain in my heart.

Your memories will stay cherished forever in my mind.


To say I am falling weak;

 Would be less,

For I am loosing myself;

With every step.

Together we are walking on this path,

Where we have to apart,

Not with our loneliness

But along our to-be-meant partners.


Your smile makes me accept my strength.

Your tears make me admit my weakness.


To say we are settling our life;

Shall be false,

For we are going to ruin every moment;

While recalling our togetherness.

Together we had formed,

Where we had come closer,

Not for the world

But for we loved being together. 



Isha 🙂


Let me know your views

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