Its your tears or my pain?

You had always brought a smile to me. With you in my life I don’t need to find any reason to be happy, for your presence itself is a reason to my happiness.

It’s said we can’t shine someone else’s life if we sitting in the dark.

I had never feared darkness but to see you lost in the hollow of dark life is hurtful. Moreover, to realise I can’t do anything to stop you walk away, is a deep regret in itself.

Burn yourself so that the flames reach him, to bring him back into the lightmy mind thought.

My heart stopped me amidst- killing yourself never enlightens anyone else’s life.

I recalled his words.

Helplessly, I buried my face into my arms, resting on my knees. I wept sitting in the same position until I found my mind got again occupied by his level of pain.

“How foolish of me, instead of wiping off his tears, I am here shedding mine” I reluctantly tried to control my sobs.

When you smile, mine gets doubled but when it pains you, I feel more hurt than you- my mind gave a reason.

But when he isn’t smiling I should bring that back and when it’s paining him I should heal that one- My heart spoke.



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