Marriage occassions


Marriage! Marriage! Marriage!

Its fun and exciting with so many rituals but until it’s not yours, LOL.

Recently, my first cousin brother got married. I had so crazily played a part of all the ceremonies involved as till then I had never been completely present on such occasions.

From guest welcoming to playing games, chit chatting and watching the bride & groom performing the different customs in real, not onscreen, was indeed a new experience for me. I enjoyed it to the best but yeah; my mom’s absence in it did made the moment feel incomplete without her. Nevertheless, I couldn’t stay longer in my sense when the dance floor is on set. It was like a delicious topping to the already laid wonderful cake, for which I couldn’t resist to jump onto it.

Apart from this, the huge responsibilities involved in all these marriage arrangements did amaze me.  For getting two people enter into a new relation there is so much to be done. Sadly somewhere these sometimes give arise to problems and issues; acting as a spoilt brat which tries to run away stealing the cake. But not to mention, gladly there are securities, who don’t let it get stolen away wholly and we do get to taste the sweetness. Our elders, their experiences are something which helps us at such situation to control things. Maybe that’s a reason they are called elders.

The best thing in a marriage is you are allowed to scream, dance, do naughtiness, teasing, play etc endlessly without any fear of getting scolded. No one really stops you at such moments. Furthermore, not to forget everyone is dressed beautifully adding up to the photography session fun.

In a way a complete entertainment package, freeing us from our daily schedule stress as the families get to spend time together. Though there are even some emotional concerns attached, where a situation come up when the bride is separated from her parental family to become a part of another family, leaving behind all her sweet memories. This all is just to live a life with her partner. A sacrifice, inexpressible in words.

I know reading this, my ever ready friends, would poke me to look forward for this option. So, guys I am clearing it beforehand- There’s yet time for me to bind into such a relation, or better said responsibility.

Until then let me keep rocking and smiling.


Isha 🙂


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