Feelings with or without you!

Oh! This feeling of being incomplete without you…

Why it has always had to remain even in the most perfect moments of my life?

Why it is that I smile endlessly only not to wish to cry my heart out?

Why it is that I foreplay an example of strength but falls weak at my knees when I think of you?

Why it is that life being a treasure of gems seems worthless without your presence in it?


I could have admitted my love every second I breathe but only if you could have let me speak. I wish you knew sharing you was beyond my imagination. Yet it happened, I made it happen for you. Your happiness is something matters more than my non-resistant and possessive nature. I knew the person would turn out to be best for you and I let you go. People mocked me saying I bind you to live a life according to my needs. I never wanted to snatch the part of happiness you deserve just by being with me; you needed to live though without my existence in that life. I allowed my deeds to prove them wrong. But today I regret; I regret my decision, I regret listening to them. I won’t say I was a better partner but I loved being interference in your life. At least I ruled the right to wipe off your tears; I was responsible for that smile & was not dependent on someone else. Now, I am told to remain quiet and yet made answerable.


Oh! These feelings of not letting anyone complete me except you….

You are near me yet not mine.

You are in my thoughts yet forced to stop thinking of you.

You are ought to be my smile yet became those reasons behind tears.

You are my life yet not a part of it.


I know it was one of those weirdo’s stupid stuffs which I bring when I am super excited about blogging something but my brains refuse to act at the same instant. That’s when my heart talks anything silly. If you feel I’d wasted your by making you read such nonsense, You can surely throw all those tomatoes, eggs & onions or whatsoever on your screen, I won’t mind at all. LOL!

Keep rocking and smiling.


Isha 🙂


4 thoughts on “Feelings with or without you!

  1. we bloggers are like free spirits… we write what we want…sometimes it wont reach others the way we want, its simply because we think in different ways.. But emotions are something we all have in common, any person who has experienced love will understand your words :)….

    Keep writing, no worries what others would think! 🙂


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