A year to end!

The year is about to end, but I am both sad and excited. Sadness is for the time, I had spent in this year, is going to become a past now and yet I am super excited about the forthcoming one.

2012 has been among those periods which are unforgettable for me. It has given me lots and lots of memories and just like my nature of being hyper active, the year too had been full of variety for me. So, by sharing it over here I precisely would want it to be stored forever!

31st Dec, 2011 at 11:59 pm, Colombo; I was amid those people whom I never knew. Indeed we were not concerned about knowing each other, as we were so much involved celebrating the occasion. It was a business style new year party and I was crazily shouting the countdown from 1 to 10 on the top of my voice banging the dance floor. It had been more than 3 hours, almost everyone was dancing to the beats, still it felt like we could do a little more until we break the floor or our feet (though the latter one was more certain to happen).  I didn’t know why I supposedly seemed to be enjoying it, though I didn’t wished to be a part of it at first. Reason being, it’s believed to get bore when you are surrounded by people of fame-name and top of it when you are missing your country, your friends and family.

Well, at that minute all those thoughts were forgotten as I got so engrossed in the music and when you have a company with you to rock on the tunes, it’s the best feeling. Together we danced as a group and stopped only to hug each other when the clock rang exact 12, wishing each other a very happy new year. No wonder the tiredness had devastatingly affected our mind as in few hours we were found talking nothing necessary but like anything crap. Anyone listening us would have guessed we were drunks but the real fact was we drank more of craziness rather than drinks being served over there.

As the crowd started to decrease and the stage was left all empty for a short game session, I too left for getting myself seated. In a while I instructed my body to get up to leave for my home only to fall into a deep slumber after a tiring evening, which had unofficially stretched till 2:30 am.

The beginning of the first day of New Year has to be superb as my mornings in Colombo had always been refreshing. The amazing view of the sea, chirping birds on the tree on its shore and the fresh air arising from the to and fro of waves; was something I relished the most while my stay over there.

Over a period of time, the day finally came up when my feet landed on the ground of my own country. It felt awesome to be back and catching a sight of my dad waiting near the parking area to receive me. His eyes spoke the happiness in them of seeing me after such a long time. Lots of messages and calls were already being waited. And on my way, I realised I had left a part of my sorrows and now there was a different girl travelling back to her home sweet home. I could say it was among those big turning points of my life, followed up by another, when after few months I heard about my health report saying I had to undergo a major operation. I just knew I was continuously repeating the words “please call mom” while tears dropped down from my eyes. Only after few days when she managed to reach me, I found some relieve and I couldn’t wait to cuddle into her lap. It was the first time in my life when I actually showed her my need for her. I knew she was my strength, indeed it was truth as then I agreed for the surgery to take place.

Everything went perfectly fine, as it had to be. I opened my eyes in the operation theatre whispering in my tone, “I am fine” to the doctors. That was a moment I realised, it’s worth facing any fear when you have so many people to love and care for you. And yes, I am sure none of the patients have been able to prove themselves as silly and cute as I was tagged.

The year ahead had surely got loads in its bag for me, making me feel delighted to the extent that I found myself the luckiest girl and another time forcing me to cry to verge to hating my heart to feel the pain. But both of the type had allowed me to be what I am in present- Entirely a different girl with a flawless positive attitude.

January, 2012 I was never a Television watching kind of girl. I loved passing my time reading novels (mark it- they are only those of love stories), listening music, chatting, dancing, etc. It could have been anything but liking those daily soaps was not my cup of tea. But hey! There I was actually narrating my sister over the phone all excitedly what happened in today’s episode and she too must watch it. No doubt, I was acting strangely.

February, 2012 it’s the month of love and this year I too found my love, a little late but yes, he is now in my life forever. Aww! I can’t stop drooling over you- my darling Puffy. (Don’t you dare laugh on that name for I had given it to him: P)

April, 2012 I completed my one year blogging, I can’t explain what it feels like to be a part of this amazing world of bloggers. It’s greatly a precious one. And yet the month gave me another worst realisation of my life, when I accepted the truth I never wished to.

May,2012 I hated my existence to the core for my health being the reason to the failure in my career. The hatred increased as every minute my academic life was competing to turn up into worst, I came up with nonstop shockers. The whole year passed in a waste of time as I am yet stuck to the same point. Although I am yet glad for not losing the spirit yet. Surely, the credit goes to someone who has always encouraged me to the finest.

June, 2012 when the two closest people get distanced away from you, it really feels hopeless and alone but my experiences had taught of being practical. I was ready to bid them happily a bye. But before I could shed my tears, I was given a reason to bring that shine of my smile into my eyes again. I was again going to meet my bestie, after around one year. He coming to my city and our meeting being planned, was nothing more than I could wish. It was one of instants when I would love to say “the moments becomes special when they are spent with you”.

August, 2012 I couldn’t have celebrated my birthday the way I did this year. It was free from those memories of those bad times, I had been facing, as I found my cheeks aching by smiling since the whole day. And! And! And! I can’t stop thanking to all those lovable people who made it tremendously fantastic for me by their unexpected awesome gifts and wishes.

November, 2012 I lost my granny, she was my second mother to me and the loss of her existence in my life was not less than a trauma. But another time like ever, you were there to hold me from falling. And then the best thing happened to me, I became masi. My little new friend entered the world and he is one of the cutest babies I ever saw. No doubt he is your son Dee, as adorable as you are.

December, 2012 if anyone knew me well, they know how lazy type I am but sadly I proved them wrong. I’m sure for those who always had complaints from me, would have been extremely surprised finding me doing things in super fast mode. And I would like to label this month as shopping mania for I never had so much fun in it.

Trust me, however evil life plays onto you, if you have got such wonderful gem like people to shine up your life with their love, you would always be found smiling. Love is beyond everything and I am lucky to be loved by many. I am really looking forward for fulfilling some more dreams, for sharing a lot many emotions and feelings, for hearing those pretty words and voice I admire and for forming countless memories once again with you all in the next year.

Wish you all a very-very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Isha 🙂


2 thoughts on “A year to end!

  1. You are very brave girl as you handle everything perfactly… Every year brings happiness and sadness together but it is up to us that how we take them.. and you are the one who enjoy happiness and manage with bad time maturely…

    You are one kind I have seen in this world… Most beautiful person..

    I Love you Lot ❤

    Love you so much massi 🙂


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