Live your day


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Morning times are said to the best part of the day. You open your eyes on finding sun showering its rays on you and stretching your arms you welcome another day of your life. But the moment becomes worst if it starts with tears in your eyes and lump of pain in your heart. Even to the best of your trial of pretending to act strong, you just can’t deny the fact you are broken within. Beside you there is a door which leads to the world outside including your dear ones. You are aware of the fact their happiness is from your everyday smile. Helplessly, you cuddle your lifeless body with your blanket and pillows until they soak all of yours cries. Time never waits for anyone, after few hours a caring hand touches your forehand, asking you to wake up. You realise you had slept and its noon.

Unwillingly you separate your body from your pain-comforter bed and decide to simply do some gargles, instead of freshening up with a bath. Bad mood spoils our daily activities too. Followed up is serving yourself with a hot cup of drink as cold ones doesn’t seems good for no reason. With much effort you do have some little conversations, using as many fewer words you can. Excusing yourself with some not existing important work, you avoid everyone and walk in your room.

You somehow manage to get involved into some unwanted work, yet perform it as the most interesting thing on the earth. Our best is given to divert mind from negative thoughts but like any stubborn child it keeps striking in our head. We choose to cry a little more and wash cabin are considered as the best place at this moment. People think we are constipated. When some splashes of water don’t ease us, we finally opt for bathing. The options are not from choice of trying to feel good but in search of a niche. Peace is necessary in pain, it states. Silly, the bathing idea makes tougher by mixing the salty tear content into water. Soap is treated as an enemy for it smells refreshing and cool. After lots of water wastage, finally the body aches with shiver and you struggle to wrap it in a warm towel.

No accessories, no bright colours, no good looking fittings, no cosmetics; we get ready to appear just as we woke up. Formality is done by brushing the hairs and while doing so we smile in mirror as if we achieved the strongest human award.

Evenings never seemed too boring and long. We now indulge ourselves in wondering, no one bothers about me being really happy. Human easily forgets their actions that they themselves were wanting to be alone. Oh! The painful pain, it makes us feel anything. Eyes are fixed on the handsets, ignoring the fact that we know their busy schedules. We cry more thinking we are left alone.

Someone places a tray of dishes in front of us. Hungry stomach is yelling at us, but we torture it more. Suddenly a message beeps at our mobile, our hands mechanically opens it. Few one word replies and when asked the truth “why are you sounding low?” we assume the person to be some magician, who will get into our brains. “No! No! I am fine, I am fine” the line is repeated. We curse almost everything and everyone as tears rolled down our cheeks. Once again the act of I am so strong starts, rather we know we are worst at faking. Night is awaited like hell; we stroll around our bed, giving an impression of I-AM-TIRED.

Finally our body lands on the place we wished to be on, the cosy bed. No one disturbs us thinking we are sleeping. The message beeps again “you sure you fine?” and followed is under the sheets we are busy typing long texts complaining about the whole day, which was turned into bad by our own self.

Are you too like this? If yes, then please remember my few words

“Life gives you two choices- good ones and bad ones, it’s upon you to decide how to live your day; either by complaining or by living it trying to move on with the problems.”


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